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How Can Facial Recognition Payment Benefit Public Service?
Source: Telpo
The continuous development of AI technology bolsters payment methods revolution and becomes diversity, and facial recognition payment is one of the examples. When it comes to the public service, how can facial recognition payment take effect?

What does public service contain?

The public services provided by the government can be roughly divided into four categories, including basic public services, social and public services economical public services and secure public services.

Recently, many government advocate the ‘Streamlining of Government Services’ (SGS) program with the aim to improve government services by streamline the business processes and improve convenience, efficiency and transparency with advanced technology.

How can facial recognition payment benefit public service?

To begin with, we need to figure out the concept of facial recognition payment. Facial recognition payment is a new type of payment that put AI face recognition as its core. The facial recognition camera will capture user’s face image and compare it with the photo stored in the database. Once match success, his face will be the key to activate payment system and complete transaction.

Under such circumstance, facial recognition payment make government services more efficiency, convenience and transparency. Following are some benefits:

?Unique identity credential, reduce material object requirement, further streamline business process
?Pay with face, increase ease of accessibility and transaction security, along with higher citizen satisfaction.
?Simpler operation with faster transaction speed, shorten processing time
?Face ID integrate payment system, traceable data with easier remote supervision and management

Telpo facial recognition payment terminal

In virtue of the mature experience of producing the face payment terminal for Alibaba, Telpo recently launch a facial recognition payment terminal C9.

In virtue of its financial level 3D structured light camera, facial recognition payment can be done within seconds with up to 99.5% face recognition accuracy. Financial certification such as EMV/PCI/ PayWave/ PayPass further guarantees financial transaction security.

In addition, the facial recognition payment terminal C9 supports secure encryption PIN, IC/NFC module, and QR Code professional hard decoding. People can enter the password through the device, and make transactions by face payment, IC/NFC payment, or QR code payment.

As face recognition technology and relevant policies and laws continue to improve and develop, facial recognition payment will make public service more convenience, efficiency and transparency.
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