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Case Share | Telpo Video Door Phone V300 Facilitate Family Communication At School
Source: Telpo

With the aim to create a good learning environment for students, the Ministry of Education demanded the primary and secondary schools to strengthen the management of students’ mobile phones and seek other convenient ways to satisfy student communication with parents.

However, nowadays, many schools adopt closed management. That means, students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school and live in school dormitory from Monday to Friday, which will hinder the communication between students and their parents. The traditional school telephone only supports one-way communication, and requires using a phone card, it is troublesome and does not benefit students and parents' close communication.

With the maturity of network technology and the rapid construction of mobile data networks, communication-based on network technology has become practical. The traditional telephone with technology upgrade can also achieve network call function. On the basis of the traditional wireless public phone function, the school video door phone can realize telephone calling and receiving and video communication through the integration of data communication technology. It is good to alleviate the trouble of school public phones brought by the real-name system.

Recently, a middle school has adopted Telpo face recognition school video door phone V300, solving the problem of students bringing their mobile phones back to school and inefficient communication with their parents. Students are allowed to directly talk to their parents with video calls by scanning their faces in front of the video door phone, which greatly improves the call quality.

Telpo V300 is a video door phone combined with audio and video call technology and advanced face recognition technology. Equipped with an Android 9.0 system, 10-inch 1280*800 multi-touch IPS capacitive screen, and 2MP face recognition camera, it delivers high-definition video calls and a comfortable experience. In addition, it also supports the traditional IC card reading function, thus students can also swipe their school card to make the call. The Android system with standard SDK allows easy secondary development, making it can quickly access the third-party school platform to achieve unified management of school information.

With the help of a professional video door phone as a solid hardware foundation and leading face recognition technology, students can scan their faces to make vivid communication with their parents. The smart school platform creates a video call bridge for students and parents, helping them communicate seamlessly and happiness.

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