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Does Facial Recognition Technology Suddenly Ramp Up In Russia?
Source: Telpo
From facial recognition surveillance cameras around the city to facial-payment system at metro station gates and supermarket checkouts, facial recognition technology seems rapidly taking root in Moscow. Does facial recognition technology suddenly ramp up in Russia?

In fact, early in 2018, Russian banks had already allowed the citizens of Russian Federation to enjoy banking services remotely once they submit their biometric data. The authorities also hoped to make remotely public services accessible through biometric. Above all, the pandemic made increasingly Russians turn to contactless payment, which requires them to connect their biometric data with the bank account.

Against the backdrop, facial recognition technology and facial-payment technology gain rapidly development in Russia. As we heard, Russia leading food retailer X5 group plans to introduce facial recognition payment system at dozens of supermarket chains. Moscow Metro plans to implement contactless fare payment using facial recognition technology at all metro stations. The city is welcoming the facial recognition technology more than ever.

New thing always comes with controversy and what we should do is to try our best to overcome difficulties and solve questions. With the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo developed a series of facial-payment devices that in line with the GDPR framework to protect people face information.

For the places (supermarket, restaurant, shopping mall, etc,) where people hope to achieve contactless payment, reduce queuing time and improve checkout efficiency, Telpo self-checkout kiosk KS is a better choice.

In its 21.5-inch touchable screen, customer can clearly know the commodity or menu information and freely choose whatever they like. The 3D structure face camera and thermal printer allows it pay with face within seconds and print the receipt once transaction complete. Customers can achieve commodity selection, face payment and get the receipt on their own, which is conductive to improve checkout efficiency and reduce human contact.

For the places (station, bank, etc) where identity identification and contactless payment are required, Telpo facial recognition contactless terminal F10 would be the best choice.

Its face camera able to distinguish people faces even wearing mask, and will send data to a server to verify identification. Once matches are found, the system will display personal information and deduct the fares with their faces. Passengers need not buy paper ticket or take metro card out of the pocket, they can seamless enter the metro and enjoy a convenient travel experience.

The authority advocacy, pandemic stimulation and citizen attitude changed made Russia begin to embrace a facial recognition era. And with the further development of facial recognition technology, we might see more advanced facial recognition applications appear around the world.
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