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Case Share| Outdoor Video Phone Facilitate Student Communicate With Parents
Source: Telpo

With the aim to protect students’ eyesight, make them focus on studies, prevent them from being addicted to the Internet and games, and promote their physical and mental health, the Ministry of Education demanded to strengthen the management of mobile phones for primary and secondary school students.

It not only does not allow students to take their mobile phones to the school but also asks schools to search for ways to ensure parents to contact and communicate with students through digital student ID cards or other convenient methods.

Nowadays, informationized education has become a national strategy. The traditional video phone with only a voice calling function can no longer satisfy a variety of communication demands. In virtue of the development of face recognition technology, face recognition and face payment in school also become possible.

Recently, in order to avoid students carrying mobile phones to school and ensure that every student can have a video call with their parents, a school introduced Telpo outdoor video phone V300. Telpo V300 with excellent audio &video ability and advanced identification is good to solve the mobile phone taking problems, but also greatly improve the quality of communication between students and their parents.

Integrating with face recognition technology, FRID technology, and school management platform, students can swipe their student card (NFC card) or scan their face to verify themselves at the outdoor video phone. Once their personal information is matched with the school management platform, then they can enjoy seamless video or call conversations with their parents.

Moreover, the 2MP camera, advanced H.264 video decoding, Opus encoding enable students to enjoy clear and high-quality video display and video calls with their parents through the 10-inch large screen of the outdoor video phone, making communication closer.

What makes it better, Ethernet, 4G, 802.11b/g/n WIFI those communications are?supported. That means the school can choose connections according to actual demands.?The IP65 waterproof feature also makes the outdoor video phone able to be put in both indoor and outdoor environments. In this way, students can enjoy comfortable?and homelike communication?with parents through the outdoor video phone anytime and anywhere they like.

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