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Facial Biometric Access Control Terminal + Video Display Empower Smart Access Control
Source: Telpo
Nowadays, facial biometric access control terminal seems to be an unstoppable trend of smart access control along with the continuous development of biometric technology and increasing demand for contactless authentication.

Against the backdrop, in virtue of face recognition, cloud platform, voice intercom, video display, big data analysis and other technologies and functions, Telpo launch facial biometric access control terminal with video display to empower innovative smart access control.


1)Accurate Face Recognition

Adopt cutting-edge face recognition algorithm and wide dynamic dual-camera, people can be accurately recognized even at various light environments include backlighting and front lighting. When personnel enter the identification zone, the access control terminal will activate facial recognition to verify his identity within 0.1s with up to 99.5% accuracy. Different skin colors (yellow/white/black) and 30,000 face images can be recognized and stored.

(2)Multiple Verification

On the basis of face recognition, FRID, hard (soft) decoding and intercom technology are also adopted to achieve identity verification diversity. In this way, people can choose NFC/HID reading, QR code scanning or video intercom authentication, making access control system more diversified.

(3)Video Display

The access control terminal allows advertising exposure, video display, picture playback in the lower part of the 10-inch screen while making identity identification in the upper part. Once the platform pushes relevant content to the designated access control terminal, it will play it at the time you set. You can customize anything you like, which is good to increase revenue, enhance interaction, carry out event or brand publicity and so on.

(4)Strong Expandability

The IP65 waterproof degree, adjustable angle and various installation methods makes people of different heights enjoy a flexible use experience. Moreover, temperature screening, mask detection, alert email, health code & digital vaccine passport verification and so on anti-epidemic measures are available, which is conducive to reduce infection risk and further expand more application scenes.

There is no doubt that facial biometric access control terminal with video display can make identity identification more vivid and empower smart access control more value and expandability. If you want a multi-functional and fashion facial biometric access control terminal, it would be a good choice.
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