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How to utilize biometric identity device to create digital identity?
Source: Telpo
How to utilize biometric identity device to create digital identity?

Nowadays, worldwide countries are encouraging and accelerate implementing national biometric database and mandatory digital identity. Digital identity will be the main development subject in the biometric industry development over the next five year, reported by the latest industry survey from the Biometrics Institute.

However, do you really understand the meaning and significance of digital identity? How to create a digital identity with biometric identity device? How to choose the appropriate biometric identity device? And any better biometric device introduction? In this article, we will discuss those questions.

What is digital Identity?

Digital identity refers to the online individual identity credentials. Differ from paper-based identity credential like driver’s licenses, passport and ID card, digital ID can be authenticated over digital channels. Authentication can be carried out from the use of biometric data to passwords, PINs, or smart devices and security tokens.

Why Digital Identity Is So Important?

The World Bank estimates that nearly 1 billion people who lack a legal identification among 7.6 billion people in the world, and 3.4 billion people own legal identification but have a limited space to use it digitally. And there are 3.2 billion people who have legal identification and engage in the online economy but fail to easily use their digital identity.

Within the backdrop, digital identity can solve the problem that people without legal identification, attribute to the digital ID system will collect and validate attributes to establish a person’s identity and even provide corresponding identity credential. Besides, digital ID allows more people to efficiently participate in the digital economy with legal identification and right reason, reduce fraud and even more simplify interactions between individuals, governments and businesses.

How to create digital identity with biometric identity device?

There is no doubt that biometric identity device play a crucial role in collecting and enrolling individual preliminary biometric data. How does the biometric identity device works? Generally speaking, there are three steps to create a digital identity include capture, verify and digitalize. The details of each step may vary according to the actual demand and the regulations they are subject to.

? Capture biometrics: In virtue of face recognition camera, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner, the biometric identity device is available to capture the user's biometric information. When people place their fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner or look directly towards the face recognition camera or iris scanner, their biometric data (face, fingerprint, iris) will be automatically captured according to the demand.

? Verify biometrics: Biometric technology is used to verify whether the citizen presenting the official document, which can also be used as an advanced digital way to remote verify someone identification. This may require data comparison while biometric with its unique characteristic would be the most reliable methods. The higher level of the biometric identity device, the more accurate effect can be obtained.

? Digitalize: A digital identity may be created after matching the biometric data and the identity document. As the biometric data is supported to store at the biometric device or upload to the digital identity system with stable communication, thus user can easily access to the relative server with their digital ID. They can gain access by simply presenting the requested biometric attribute, such as their fingerprint, face or iris.

How To Choose Biometric Identity Device?

As we understand the significance and working process of creating digital identity with the biometric identity device, the next step we should do is to find and choose a biometric identity device. Different scenes might have different biometric identity machine demands, following factors can be a reference.

Basic Configuration: CPU and internal memory is directly related to the smooth and stable operation of the biometric identity device. Powerful configuration is the rigid requirement to handle high intensity and complex work tasks.

Screen Resolution: Higher resolution can better support software, display operation interface in the best state and greatly improve user experience. Appropriate brightness and contrast can also protect operator's vision.

Data Capture: As the most important function of biometric identity device, individual information collection and enrollment should be the top priority consideration. It can be chosen based on specific project requirements, biometric, identification method, communication, etc.

Battery life: For the identity registration with high frequency and long working hours, electricity is the one to guarantee the efficiency of citizenship registration. Only products with enough battery can ensure 24-hr working.

Protection Grade: Higher protection grade can ensure biometric identity device stable operation even in harsh environment.

Brand: As we all know, a company brand has decisive impact on any product, and biometric products are no exception.

Biometric Identity Device Option

With 22-year root in security industries, Telpo deeply understand the importance of identity assurance, system security and information accuracy. In an effort to assist countries smoothly promote the digital identity enrolment process, Telpo roll out a series of advanced and secure biometric identity devices.

Biometric Identity Tablet S8
? 8-inch + 400nit sunlight readable screen+ Android 9 enables flexible operation and clearer content display
? Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint),enhance identity reality
? Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR and passport MRZ
? Multi-fingerprint scanners optional (IB Columbo/ Sherlock, Suprema BM-Slim2/3 )
? User-friendly design, support gloves and wet hands operation
? IP65 level waterproof, dust proof and drop-proof makes it suitable for harsh outdoor environment
? External Zink printer is available
? Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS
Biometric Identity Enrolment Workstation S10
? 10-inch display + 5-point capacitive touchscreen + Android 10 allow maximized performance and flexibility of data acquisition and matching
? 10000 mAh removable battery + charge with solar empower constantly working
? Dual cameras (13MP+5MP) + portable biometric security kit improve user experience
? External Zink printer or 80mm thermal printer with fast printing speed ensures timely obtain identity credential
? FAP60 ten-finger scanner with LES technology ensures quickly capture fingerprint with higher security
? Multiple data capture include contactless card reader (NFC/RFID), iris scanner, MRZ scanner and IC card reader, electronic signature
? Certificate: CE, GMS, NIMC,NCC
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