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Telpo Join In China Trusted Face Application Protect Program
Source: Telpo

Recently, the list of the trusted face application protection plan has been released and Telpo successfully passed the approval and became one of them.

In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, access control, information processing, and other fields. However, with the large-scale application of face recognition, the problems of privacy disclosure, technology abuse, prejudice, discrimination, etc appeared and became the focus of society. Under such circumstances, the work of industry regulation is urgent.

With the aim to promote the healthy development of the face application, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT)launched the trusted face application protect program on April 7, 2021. The purpose of the program is to enhance industrial and social consensus, promote face recognition industry healthy development and establish face application health ecology by setting up standards, test evaluation, and industry self-discipline methods.

Since its establishment, the face application protects program has received high attention and active participation in the industry. As of January 20, 2022, the approved members have reached one hundred. The content of it includes:

?Set up the credible standards of face recognition technology and application and explore the credible guidance of face recognition application in various industries on the basis of the relevant national laws and regulations.
?Conduct testing, evaluation, and release results of the face recognition technology and application, actively answer social concerns, and make technology better serve the public.
?Track and monitor face recognition safe and trust issues, share threat information with members, and enhance protective capability.
?Organize industry exchange events, promote credible best practices and initiate self-regulatory conventions in a bid to create a healthy industrial ecosystem.

Knowing that data security and privacy protection are the foundation of the company, Telpo, a leading biometric terminal and solution provider has always strictly complied with relevant national laws and regulations, and provides professional biometrics terminals and accordance with the GDPR framework.

Nowadays, Telpo has an excellent R&D team and national CNAS laboratory, AEO advanced customs certification. With rich practical experience and advanced technical solutions in product research and development, quality calibration, and data security, Telpo can do well in information and privacy protection as well as actively participate in industry work, promote and guide the common progress and benign development of the industry.

In the future, Telpo will adhere to legal compliance to provide more excellent face recognition products and solutions and make them better serve and facilitate society.

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