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Telpo Digital Vaccine Passport Solution, Speed Up Safe and Health Pass
Source: Telpo
As people around the world get vaccinated against COVID-19 in succession, documenting vaccination information is becoming an important step in easing cross-border travel. However, with the alarming increase and black-market trade in fake COVID-19 test certificates fake negative test, how to verify the reality and accuracy of individual vaccination and health status is a matter of great urgency.

Against the backdrop, Britain, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea and so on countries are considering set up digital vaccine passport. A vaccine passport is an e-certificate that stores and records vaccination and COVID-19 test status. And it allows vaccinated people to prove their health credentials at the scan of a QR code.

Inspired by the successful cases of health code solution in China, Telpo launch a digital vaccine passport verification solution for various public scenes. It is conducive to verify jabs authenticity, reduce the burden on frontline services and assure a safe and efficiency cross-border travel.

How it works?
Step one: Open the phone and display the QR code (digital vaccine passport)
Step two: Vaccination certificate scanner activate, scan and decoding the QR code
Step three: Compare the scanned data with vaccination information stored at the approved database
Step four: Display the verification result at the screen along with voice broadcast. (Red for unmatched and no entry, yellow for warning and require manual recheck, green for matching and safe pass)

What does it include?
In Telpo digital vaccine passport verification solution, we can provide diversified products based on your actual scene demand. On the basis of QR code recognition, face recognition, mask detection, temperature screening and so on functions are also available. Moreover, you can online platform Telpo Cloud for remote control, standard SDK for secondary development, specific customization and 24-hour after-sales services.

What are the options?
Telpo digital vaccine passport family contains handheld device, desktop terminal and pillar type. They play a key part in verifying the accuracy of personal digital vaccination certificate and improving the passage efficiency.

QR-code+ Masked Detection Terminal F8

Linux OS & Android OS alternative+ cutting-edge AI vision processor
IR+VL face recognition+ superb anti-fake performance
Support face / QR code/ NFC&FRID card/ SIP video intercom
Suitable for indoor and outdoor scene with IP65 rating
Rich brackets and interfaces for flexible deployment

QR-code+ Temperature Measurement Terminal TPS980T

Android OS +high performance chip+ large memory
Contactless thermometry+ mask detection + face recognition+ email alert.
Support QR code, face, NFC /HID card
Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
Online &offline access control, attendance, visitor registration management system

Digital Vaccine Passport Code Scanner TPS508

Automatic and contactless QR code recognition
Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
Real time print verification result
Synchronously upload personal health information.

Dual Screen Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal D2

Dual screen for scan guidance and display vaccination status
Friendly design and conveniently recognize QR-code and face
Built-in NFC reading module, accept mainstream card reading

Mobile Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal TPS350T

Ergonomic design comes with easy to carry
Camera for digital vaccine passport scanning
Contactless temperature measurement + voice broadcast+ high temperature alarm
ID card & driver license & passport identification
Paperless + visualization + cloud temperature management

Telpo digital vaccine passport verification solution designed to focus on humanized convenient operation, provides users contactless credentials verification along with assured safe and health cross-border travel experience.
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