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Will Facial Recognition Thermometer BeAShort-term Product?
Source: Telpo
At the beginning of 2020, an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has outbreak all around the world. As a state-level high-tech enterprise, Telpo has specialized in face recognition technology and biometric devices for several years. The outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated development of temperature measurement function.

With mature AI technology and R&D capabilities for several years, Telpo started develop facial recognition thermometerTPS980T and temperature measurement solutions at the end of January, and successfully made it out within one month and started volume production. In virtue of hardware, software and platform three line, effectively realize anti-epidemic effects such as face recognition, mask detection, non-contact temperature measurement, high temperature warning, voice broadcast, data tracing and so on. Telpo facial recognition thermometers have covered China, Japan, South Korea, Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa and other countries with up to 100K sales volume.

Sunny, Telpo international division general manager, said Telpo facial recognition thermometers have assisted countries to do a good job in defense control during epidemic. It can monitor people flow through cloud data and effectively reduce virus transmission from the source. In her view, although facial recognition thermometer is developed in epidemic such special condition, it will not be a short-term product. Facial recognition thermometer and corresponding technologies will continue to play an important role in the future.

The reasons can be summarized as following:

First, multiple functions can be made in one machine. During epidemic, facial recognition thermometer combined with platform have demonstrated the value of data traceability, health report, public safety and prevention and control, and also promoted the development of face recognition technology in the direction of non-contact identity authentication. The market demand for facial recognition thermometer and corresponding temperature measuring solutions will continue to grow.

The reason why Telpo launched four face temperature measurement solutions is that they can satisfy applications and data privacy requirements for different scenarios. And one-stop realize employee attendance, visitor registration, face access control, mask detection, temperature detection, high temperature warning, voice broadcast, data statistics and tracing, report generation, platform management and other functions. It can replace manual temperature measurement and personnel information verification, and achieve 24-hour monitoring and intelligent management.

Second, itcan reduce device replacement cost. After epidemic, people in all countries will pay more attention to their own health and raise their awareness of health security. The phenomenon of wearing masks in the society will become more prominent, especially in hospitals, factories, ports or other scenes with high population density. And facialrecognition thermometer will help people prevent epidemic in time and reduce cross-infection risk.

In addition, both face recognition terminal and temperature measuring device have been used in some industries before epidemic. And this epidemic has merely combined them together, further expanded application scenarios and made them enter public eye. In the future, facial recognition thermometer will continue to play its role in the prevention and control at customs, border inspection, hospitals or some major activities and reduce device replacement cost.

Third, facial recognition thermometer is conductive to help work resumption in an orderly manner. It is essential to adopt non-contact temperature device to carry out epidemic prevention and economic recovery. Because it can timely detect high body temperature and reduce staff workload of temperature measuring and cross-infection risk. Facial recognition thermometer can play a role in protecting, monitoring and stabilizing human panic mood. And high-tech device and AI technology can create a safe and healthy environment, so as to stimulate people's consumption and gradually restore the economy.

Facial recognition thermometer will be used in more public places in the future as a biometric access control device. Public health is a part of daily life that requires long-term attention. Non-contact temperature measurement +access control+ attendance will greatly improve epidemic prevention level, reduce labor costs and infection risk, safeguard life and health, and maintain social and economic order and development.

As a leading smart hardware and solution provider, Telpo is committed to providing innovative products and solutions for domestic and international society. Although epidemic war is not over, Telpo will use its science and technology to assist all walks of life to make epidemic prevention and control, guaranteeing safe and orderly work resumption and gradually promote social stability and economic recovery.
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