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Health Pass Device Elevate Identity Verification Efficiency Amid Vaccination
Source: Telpo

According to the WHO press briefing, the Delta variant of Covid-19 is the most transmissible of the variants, which has been identified in at least 85 countries so far and spread rapidly among unvaccinated populations.

Data shows us that vaccination is the effective measure to deal with the coronavirus and variants.
Only improve the vaccination rate and group immunity, can country do well in pandemic prevention, maintain social stability and promote economic growth. No country is safe until every country is safe.

As we all known, it is not an easy job to complete universal vaccination in a country. However, it was reported that more than a billion people in China has been vaccinated until the end of June, nearly half of the 3 billion administered globally, according to the National Health Commission.

As country with a large population, how China boost its vaccination rate so quickly? The vaccination success in China can due to strong organizing and operating capacity of Chinese governments, growing public willingness to get vaccinated and a herd of advanced high tech device to improve vaccination efficiency.

In China, under the normalcy of pandemic, everyone should make health code authentication and temperature screening to prove his health status. Otherwise, he fails to enter the public area, not to mention the vaccination canter. There is no doubt that manual operation alone is inefficient, easy to cause crowded queues and increase the risk of virus infection. To solve that question, many vaccination center or point introduced contactless temperature screening terminal and health pass device.

Take the vaccination center built in Guicheng, a southeast city of China as an example. It was built within 48 hours with a daily vaccination capacity of 10,000 doses. The vaccination center itself set up temperature measurement area and registration area. Citizens need to bring their identity card, fill in health information, check temperature and display health code before getting vaccination.

As is seen in the picture, there is a mobile health pass device on the staff tables at the vaccination center, which is made by Telpo. The health pass device can not only carry out health code authentication, but also make identity verification. Citizens only need to put their identity card at the scanner area, and then quickly identity verification and information registration can be done.

Telpo health pass device can support identity verification, health code authentication and vaccination registration, and able to connect different local health code interface. At the same time, stable communication allows it synchronize data with the cloud platform in real time, along with fast verification speed, high accuracy and efficient find out abnormal situations.

In this way, it is effective to collect and record the prevention and control information even at the places with huge mobile personnel flow. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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