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What Is Smart Locker And How Could It Benefit Apartment Management?
Source: Telpo
What Is Smart Locker And How Could It Benefit Apartment Management?

Express delivery is inevitably an epitome of modern life, particularly the contactless delivery. However, the numerous packages will easily add huge burden on parcel storage and pick-up, becoming a large headache for apartment management.

Fortunately, the flexibility of smart locker makes it well-suited for solving storage and distribution challenges in the apartment, and benefit both apartment managers and residents.

What is smart locker?

Smart locker is the automated system that allows for secure and convenient storage and pick up parcel or package. The basics are the same as with traditional lockers but - the pickup methods include face recognition, QR code and NFC card. This can mean people can safely store and pick-up their personal belongings with personal specific identity recognition without worrying the loss or steal of their parcels.

How does a smart locker work?

1. Residents place an order online and enter the apartment address
2. Deliverymen put the package at the parcel locker for the apartment and send the dedicated pickup code or barcode via email or through SMS text message to residents.
3. Residents arrive at the smart locker and display their dedicated pickup code or scan their face (if the smart locker support).
4. The door will correspond with the pickup code open and residents can pick up their parcel.

Why parcel locker is the solution for apartment?

When it comes to the apartment, parcel locker can be treated as the modern solution to delivery complications, especially at the epidemic normalcy situation. The big advantage with smart locker is that there is no human contact required and everyone has dedicated pickup code to collect his parcel.

It can create greater convenience and security sense for residents as they no longer need to find their package among numerous parcels and worry package theft because no one can easily and freely take it away with the identity verification. In addition, residents need not gather together, which perfect maintain social distancing and reduce human contact. And it also greatly improve apartment front-office staff efficiency as they need not handling parcels but can focus on their regular job duties.

Telpo smart locker for apartment

With the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo develop a series smart devices based on people’s actual demands. The face recognition smart locker K41 is one of them.

The biggest feature of Telpo face recognition smart locker belongs to its password-free storage and pickup verification methods. On the basis of QR code scanning and NFC card (resident access card) swiping function, the smart locker also equipped with face recognition camera (3D structured light, binocular or monocular). That means residents don’t have to touch a screen and able to verify themselves quickly, accurately, diversely and safely.

What makes thing better, a remote equipment management platform or integrated third-party management system interface can be provided to help you timely obtain the on-site pickup and storage condition and better maintain the normal operation of the apartment. Besides, we can also provide customization smart locker solution from product function to product design, from software to hardware based on your actual demand.

If require, temperature screening, mask detection, fingerprint scanning, logo customization and so on personalized services are also available. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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