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Will Passport Facial Recognition Be The Best International Travel Passport?
Source: Telpo
Nowadays, worldwide countries are considering facial recognition technology and vaccine passport as a path to verify personal identity, boost international travel and promote economic recovery.

It was reported that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced a simplified arrival program at airports, aiming to uses airport facial recognition to authenticate passengers, speed up security checks and prevent illegal entry. Importantly, people who not accept vaccination are not allowed to enter the country.

Under such circumstance, what is the necessary or effectively tool to help you move more freely at home or abroad? There is no doubt that your face and the vaccine passport are the best international travel passport.

Inspired by the successful cases of producing the first face recognition device and health code solution in China, Telpo launched a series of passport facial recognition device, which will offer passengers a secure way to verify themselves and Covid-19 test results, vaccinations declarations.

Passengers only need to stand in front of the passport facial recognition device, which will accurately capture his facial feature and compare it with the feature data in system photos to identify their identification. And the identify accuracy can reach 95% even people wear a mask.

After that, passengers can show his digital vaccine passport, the machine will activate QR code technology to verify the reality of digital vaccination information in no more than a second. As the scanned data will be matched with the data stored at the relevant testing institutions, thus individual’?identity, COVID-19 test result, and vaccination or immunization details?can be accurately validated.

Importantly, Telpo has specially optimized the face recognition algorithm to make its airport facial recognition device conform to the GPRS standard in a bid to protect the facial information from infringement and leakage.
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