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California Unveil Digital Vaccine Record, How To Verify Digital Vaccination?
Source: Telpo
Recently, California unveiled digital COVID-19 vaccine record portal, serve as an alternative method to the paper CDC vaccination card and a convenient way for residents to demonstrate and verify their vaccination status.

But state statement said the digital vaccine record is not the vaccine passport. Then, what is the purpose of it? When to use it and is it safe? How to verify the accuracy of vaccination?

When should residents use the digital vaccine record?

It was reported that businesses and public locations are required to implement mask rules for unvaccinated individuals, but can make their own decisions about how to check vaccination status. And residents need to act up to the arrangement. Besides, many countries and regions not allow travelers enter until they provide vaccination proof. The digital portal allows vaccinated individuals with a digital backup option for their paper vaccination card, helping them pass the vaccine-verification system or check.

Is there a similar situation in other states besides California?

Recently, New York introduced Excelsior pass for vaccinated citizens, which is required to attend Yankees and Mets games, as well as a few comedy clubs and a handful of bars and restaurants. But many of purposes are expected to be postponed as epidemic restrictions are lifted. New York's Excelsior pass system was created under contract by IBM, while California's digital COVID-19 vaccine record system was made by the state government.

Is the digital vaccine record safe?

There is no doubt that vaccinated Californians will keep their paper CDC card in a safe and secure place, but there are still some of them might prefer an electronic version. And the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record provides a convenient backup in a bid to Californians misplaces their paper CDC card. In addition, it is in in compliance with the SMART Health Card Framework, a product out of the Vaccine Credential Initiative, which follows all national privacy and security guidelines.

How to obtain the digital vaccine record?

Residents can input a few personal details — name, date of birth and email or phone number — and get a link to a QR code and digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record from the state's immunization registry. After creating a 4-digit PIN, they will receive a link to their vaccine record that will open upon re-entry of the PIN.

How to verify the digital vaccination?

As businesses owners and event-venue operators have the right to check visitors’ vaccination status, thus it is necessary to figure out an accurate and fast digital vaccination too, like a vaccine-verification system or vaccine-verification device.

Driven by the motivation of fast and safe verify the digital vaccine accuracy, Telpo developed digital vaccine verification family. There are various kinds of machine include desktop, floor-standing, handheld for your selection.

When people enter the detection area and show his digital vaccine record, the machine will activate QR code technology to verify the reality of digital vaccination information in no more than a second.

As the scanned data will be matched with the approved database, thus individual’ identity, COVID-19 test result, and vaccination or immunization details can be accurately validated. The verification result will be displayed at the screen along with voice broadcast. Importantly, Telpo digital vaccine verification devices are in line with GDPR compliant framework, greatly protect individual information security to some extent.

With the digital vaccine verification device, the efficiency and accuracy of vaccination can be ensured. Timely vaccination data upload is available to achieve data sharing and traceability. Nowadays, Telpo digital vaccine verification devices have widely used at the places make vaccination include communities, hospitals, healthcare center and so on. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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