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What Are The Types of Biometric Access Control System?
Source: Telpo
With the continuous development and maturity of biometric, biometric access control system gradually used in smart security, video surveillance, building intercom, smart community, smart bank and other fields. Do you know that what are the types of biometric access control system at the market?

Fingerprint Access Control System

The fingerprint access control system mainly contains microprocessor, fingerprint reader, LCD display, keyboard, clock chip, electric lock and power supply. The microprocessor serves as the upper computer of the system and controls the whole system. The fingerprint reader will responsible for fingerprint collection, comparison, storage, deletion, etc, while the LCD display will use for presenting information include time, operation prompts, etc.

Generally speaking, the fingerprint scanner will adopt photoelectric technology or capacitor technology to collect and extract fingerprint information, and then compare it with the stored feature information to complete identification and take time attendance. The whole process can be completed in the biometric access control device.

Just like Telpo biometric access control B10 that supports capacitive or optical fingerprint scanner, along with 1s?fast reading and 1:?N identity verification (N=1000). ?New employee can place his fingerprint at the fingerprint scanner, which will extract and store his fingerprint information directly at the biometric access control device. After that, attendance can use take time attendance or access control with scanning his fingerprint. And he can choose QR code scanning, password entering, NFC card reading such time attendance methods. All information will be displayed at the 2.8-inch LCD screen.

As fingerprint collection has a certain relationship between the finger and fingerprint scanner during operation, thus the fingerprint access control system has a little less friendly.

Palmprint Access Control System

Palmprint contains rich information, and individual’s identity can be identified by using the features of palmprint lines, points, textures and geometries. The basis of palmprint recognition technology is palm geometry recognition, which is carried out by measuring the physical features of the user's hand and fingers

The palmprint access control system is suitable for the scenes with large number of users. Within less than l seconds, it can identify individual’s identity through three-dimensional features such as the size, shape and surface area of the user's palm. Only the authorized personnel can enter the specific area and make time attendance and access control.

As an alternative to the RF card access control system, the palmprint access control system saves the card maintenance cost. Compared with the fingerprint access control system, the palm access control system is more user-friendly as hand is easy to put into the correct position of scanner and dirt or scar will not affect the identification.

Iris Access Control System

Iris access control system mainly determines individual’s identity by comparing the similarity between the characteristics of iris images. There are four steps to make iris recognition. First, take an eye picture, obtain iris image and transmit it to the image preprocessing software. Second, locate the iris and adjust its size to the system setting parameter and then carry out image enhancement. Third, extract the iris feature points through specific algorithm and code them. Fourth, compare the iris image with feature code to determine the sameness.

Iris access control system does not need physical contact with the feature of low misidentification rate and high reliability. However, it is difficult to widely use as it is comparatively expensive.

Face Access Control System

Compared with other identification technology, face recognition technology has unique advantages in the application process for its comparatively convenient feature acquisition, contactless and more widely usage.
Face access control system is to collect authorized personnel face information and stored them in the face database. Take biometric time attendance and access control device F6 as an example.
When someone enters the identifiable area, the face access control system will obtain the portrait information through the camera, and then upload it to the system to make face recognition. During the verification process, the system will extract portrait feature, and compare it with the face information stored at the database. Once match success, the access control system will automatically activate and open the door. Besides, visitor QR code scanning, NFC /FRID card reading, fingerprint verification and building telecom are also available.
As face access control system can long distance, fast, contactless recognize and record face, thus it can connect to the blacklist database to make real-time comparison, timely detect suspicious personnel and automatic alarm to achieve smart security.

With the advantage of security, convenience, easy management, energy conservation and environmental protection, biometric access control will take more value in the future. And Multi-modal biometric might be the new trend.

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