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Self-service Green Pass Scanner Elevate Airport Safety
Source: Telpo

Nowadays, the newly confirmed cases happen occasionally, among them the overseas import cases account a huge proportion. That is an alert for airport to take strict travel restrictions to stop further infection as it is the initiate destination of cross-border passengers.

Under this condition, airports require passengers to provide proof of full vaccination or negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours before departure. At the same time, temperature screening scheme for passengers still maintain. Passengers with high temperature will be detected and stopped entry at the entrance of the airport.

However, it is time-consuming, labor-shortage and dangerous for airport staffs manual checking passengers’ temperature and vaccination certificate one by one, which will also make people gathering at the airport and easy to cause infection. Is there any better measure to solve this problem?

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo rolled out self-service green pass scanner that support temperature screening, identity identification, vaccination verification and other functions to elevate airport safety. It can make passengers self-detect their temperature and contactless verify their vaccination certificate in a fast, accurate and secure manner.

At the entrance, the green pass reader will automatic detect personal forehead temperature with an accuracy of ±0.3℃. If the detected temperature is above than normal temperature threshold, it will activate alarm mechanism and send alert emails to inform relevant person in charge. It is conductive to help airport rapidly capture the abnormal people and stop he entering the airport in response to ensure the safe environment. If require, mask detection is also available. When someone not wear mask is detected, there is a voice broadcast to remind him to wear a mask.

After taking the airline ticket, passengers need to verify this identity and vaccination certificate. At the self-service check-in area, passengers can self-verify themselves through standing in front of the device, which will accurately capture his facial feature and compare it with the feature data in system photos to identify their identification. And the identify accuracy can reach 95% even people wear a mask.

And then, passengers can present his digital vaccination certificate whilst the self-service green pass scanner will activate QR code technology to verify its reality in no more than a second. If the scanned data is successfully matched with the data stored at the relevant testing institutions, the indicator light will be green. Otherwise, it will be red. At the same time, the verification result will display at the screen with voice broadcast, convenient both passengers and airport staffs to know condition.

Importantly, data will be synchronously reported to the platform for data analysis, remote monitor and follow-up tracking. Only personnel with normal temperature and verified identity and vaccination certificate could enter the departure lounge and take the airplane.

It is worth mentioning that Telpo has specially optimized the face recognition algorithm to make its device conform to the GPRS standard in a bid to protect the facial information from infringement and leakage. Focus on humanized convenient operation, it can provide elevate airport safety and provide passengers convenient and efficient cross-border travel experience.

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