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Case Share| Face Recognition Access Control Kiosk Presented At World 5G Conference
Source: Telpo

The gradual advancement of 5G network deployment and industrial progress has laid a solid foundation for 5G commercial applications.

On the afternoon of August 31, 2021, the world 5G conference 2021 opened in Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center. There were hundreds of global famous experts, scholars and entrepreneurs participated in the conference. They made in-depth exchanges towards digital infrastructure, intending to promote industrial cooperation, cross-border integration, and create a bridge for 5G international exchanges and cooperation, industrial chain collaborative innovation. Meanwhile, the conference also attracted numerous enterprises and attendances.

In order to further implement the requirements of strict epidemic prevention and control, maximum ensure the safety and health of exhibition staff, it is necessary to check exhibition personnel’s health status and implement import and export control at the entrance.

However, it is insufficient to rely on manual temperature screening, green pass verification and identity identification, which will lead to slow verification efficiency, easy to cause crowd congestion and bad to make epidemic prevention and control.

With the aim to ensure the smooth holding of the conference, Beijing Unicom cooperated with Telpo jointly launched the all-in-one epidemic prevention solution. Telpo face recognition access control kiosk F10 is a high-performance reliable face recognition terminal that adopts an industrial motherboard, binocular camera, able to anti strong light and strong backlight with fast recognition speed and higher accuracy.

Taking the advantage of itself, the Beijing Unicom created a middle epidemic platform and made it compatible with Telpo face recognition access control kiosk F10, making facial temperature screening, ID card/healthcare card/seniors card reading available. It is the first district-level health and epidemic prevention platform that achieves across data collation and matches the Beijing healthcare app with strong expansibility. The all-in-one epidemic prevention solution can be quickly applied to scenic spots, hotels, schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions and other epidemic prevention scenes.

The contactless operation not only reduces the trouble of epidemic prevention and control staff manually verification but also inclines the possibility of crowd aggregation and potential risks. It is conducive to facilitate the conference's smooth holding, guarantee the safety and health of exhibition personnel, greatly improve the efficiency of the in and out personnel control.

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