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Voter Enrolment Devices Elevate Election Efficiency And Transparency
Source: Telpo
With the development of biometric technology, the usage of biometric registration and biometric voter accreditation system is widely used by countries, to ensure accurate voter registration and strengthen national election efficiency and transparency.

It was reported that the INEC Voter Enrolment Device (IVED) will be used at the polling station with the new biometric voter accreditation system (BVAS) in Nigeria. In addition, the government also set up a new voter online registration portal that enables eligible Nigerians to make online registration and subsequently complete biometric data capture at designated registration centers, in response to avoid crowding.

What is Biometric Voter Accreditation System?
The biometric voter accreditation system can describe as the system that contains fingerprint and face biometrics for voter identity verification during the national election. Biometric technology is the best method to identify and authenticate citizens’ reliable identities based on their unique physical characteristics. Combining with the Voter Enrollment Device, the BVAS will judge whether the scanned biometric data (face, fingerprint) is matched with the previously stored one and ensure if the person is the one who he claims to be and own the qualification to vote.

Why Voter Enrollment Device And Biometric Voter Accreditation System Is Important?
According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, voting is a right, and taking part in his country's government is the cornerstone of democracy. However, it is not an easy thing to make reliable and transparent voter registration, particularly in countries where there is no trustworthy population census.

The biometric technology with unique characteristics can accurately and quickly verify voters’ identities and ensure the transparency of the election. Collecting an individual’s biometric data is the precondition to creating a national biometric database and the biometric voter accreditation system. And the voter enrollment devices with inbuilt cameras or biometric sensors are used to capture biometric data.

The captured data will be kept as an image, processed into a biometric template, and stored in the database. Matched with citizen information (name, birthdate, etc), these images make up their digital identity and voter profile. On Election Day, the biometric voter accreditation system combines fingerprint and facial authentication can verify whether the person holding the PVC is the one that will vote. In this way, it is conducive to stopping the possibility of voting by identity theft using another person’s Permanent Voter Card(PVC)and following one voter one vote principle.

How Voter Enrollment Device Ensure Election Efficiency And Transparency?
Nowadays, some countries have already adopted measures to combat voter fraud and manipulation. Traditionally, it is hard to judge the authenticity of the paper ballot. But biometric technology can fundamentally verify the identity of voters and ensure the validity of voting by utilizing human biometric characteristics.

Take Telpo voter enrollment device S8 as an example. Combining with biometrics (iris, face recognition, fingerprint), Android 9 operating system, and large storage, the voter enrollment device can quickly and accurately verify voter identity and deliver a seamless voter experience, ensure one person one voter principle, and strengthen the management of polling stations.

In virtue of a face recognition camera, fingerprint scanner, and iris scanner, the voter enrollment device is available to capture the individual’s biometric information. The voter can put their fingerprints on the fingerprint scanner or look directly towards the face recognition camera or iris scanner, then their biometric data (face, fingerprint, iris) will be automatically captured.

And then, their individual information and biometric data will synchronously match with the national ID database and biometric voter accreditation system. As the voter enrollment device can support up to 128GB Micro SD card, it can store all registered voters’ information and ensure quickly identify voter identification at a high speed.

With IP65 waterproof and dustproof feature, 1.5m fall prevention, and portable biometric kit, it can be stably used in all harsh environments and guarantee voting goes on wheels. On the voting day, voters need to verify their identity through the biometric enrolment device. If the biometric verification is successful, the voter's fingerprints are taken, and they are given a ballot paper. Otherwise, the supervising staff is alerted.

Telpo Voter Enrollment Device
Aiming to ensure the openness and transparency of national elections, Telpo develops a series of voter enrollment devices and biometric solutions related to voter registration, voter identification verification, ballot management, etc.

Telpo Voter Enrollment Device S8
?8-inch + 400nit sunlight-readable screen+ Android 9
?Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint)
?Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR, and passport MRZ
?Four-finger scanners optional (IB Columbo/ Sherlock, Suprema BM-Slim2/3 )
?User-friendly design with IP65, support gloves, and wet hands operation
?A portable biometric kit is supported

Telpo Voter Enrollment Device S10
?10-inch display + 5-point capacitive touchscreen + Android 10
?10000 mAh removable battery + charge with solar
?Dual cameras (13MP+5MP)
?FAP60 ten-finger scanner + portable biometric kit is supported
?Multiple data capture include contactless card reader (NFC/RFID), iris scanner, MRZ scanner, and IC card reader, electronic signature

?Enhance data accuracy. Multiple data acquisition methods include biometric (iris, fingerprint, face), OCR, MRZ, e-signature, etc ensure accurate voter registration.
?Ensure election transparency. Unique and accurate voter registration is good to follow the one people one vote principle and ensure election transparency.
?Timely upload information. Individual data information will be timely uploaded to the platform, facilitate follow-up checking, and remote monitor voting conditions.
?Improve citizen voting experience. The first-rate configuration and automated data acquisition increase citizen registration efficiency and deliver a seamless voting experience.

Telpo is a high-tech company with years of R&D ability and rich biometric project experience. With the experience in providing excellent voter enrollment devices and solutions for elections in some African and Asian countries, Telpo can provide the most suitable election solution based on actual requirements. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.
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