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AI Robots Assist Winter Olympics Hold Scientifically And Safely
Source: Telpo
The 24th Winter Olympics will be kicked off in Beijing on February 4, 2022, and now it’s time to countdown for it. However, the coronavirus variation confirmed cases are still increasing and the epidemic situation in different countries is still uncertain. Under such circumstances, how to make sure the Winter Olympics are held scientifically and safely is the priority.

Supported by technological innovations such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, satellite navigation and artificial intelligence, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) has drawn up a detailed epidemic prevention and control plan and innovatively adopted AI robots to ensure the safe, hygienic and scientific conduct of the Winter Olympics.

It is understood that AI robots (disinfection robot, temperature measuring robot, contactless delivery robot, etc) will be applied in various competition venues. The disinfection robot will responsible for the eradication activities, the temperature measuring robot will perform the health monitoring and the contactless delivery robot will provide contactless and efficient items delivery. In addition, the AI robot will even act as the award presenter in the awarding ceremony with its accurate identity identification and AI voice interaction feature, in response to reducing the direct contact from person to person.

As a best-in-class smart terminal and solution provider, Telpo shoulder its social responsibility and successively roll out its AI robot family (R1, R55, K27) that supports temperature screening, high-temperature alarm, face recognition, AI voice interaction, mask detection, green pass verification, multi-point contactless delivery, multi-robot collaboration, etc, so as to provide contactless and efficient robot services for every place require.

The in-built laser radar, 3D depth camera, ultrasonic sensor, and pneumatic collision sensor empower the Telpo robot's strong 3D sensing ability and allow it to realize self-guided cruise and navigation, obstacle avoidance, automatic charging, and other functions. Meanwhile, the binocular camera and AI voice module access to achieve accurate face recognition and AI voice interaction.

When a person stands in front of the AI robot, the robot will automatically identify his identity and make voice interaction with him. If people want to know the location of the place they want to go, then they can directly ask the robot and the latter will lead them to the destination. As the AI robot supports multi-language, thus it can contact the people with the corresponding language without additional translation assistance from staff, making communication efficient and user-friendly.

In addition, the 3D camera, pneumatic impact sensor sense, and laser engine sensor elevate the pedestrian induction and route planning capability of the Telpo robot. Thus, the robot can take the initiative to avoid obstacles, ensure the safety of pedestrians in all aspects, and satisfy a multi-floor environment with autonomous elevator compatible and automatic service calls. And it will return to the initial position or perform the next task. ?

Importantly, the Telpo robot supports automatic charging. That means, once the robot finishes its delivery/temperature measuring/ mask detection or other task or the battery is lower than the minimum value, it will go to the charging pile for charging. After connecting with the charging pile, the indicator light will be on to inform the charging status. Ultra-long battery life with automatic charging function makes Telpo robot able to provide long time working.

There is no doubt that security and health are always the crucial concern for people anywhere and anytime. To ensure competitors can enjoy a healthy and safe competition environment, the service standards and prevention measures of the Winter Olympics must be improved to the highest level. The AI robot with advanced technologies guaranteed can play a positive part in it.

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