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Are Video Phones The Future Of Remote Communication?
Source: Telpo
With the developing communication technology and high-speed Internet connectivity, video calling has become a smoother, more convenient and seamless experience. Are video phones the future of remote communication? I bet the answer is Yes!

Since a long time ago, people have been trying to overcome the communication difficulties caused by distance, by writing letters, sending messages, making phone calls, etc. In recent years, great progress has been made in network communication, therefore video quality and audio quality of video phones can be ensured. Many venues have been already equipped with video phones and enjoyed the convenience.

Video Phone In Schools

It’s an ordinary thing for students to miss their parents, and thus most schools have installed video phones to help students have video callings with their parents and relieve their feeling of missing. Especially in boarding schools, installation is more necessary. By equipping video phones at schools, students can communicate with their parents, and parents can accurately judge the situations of children thanks to the high video and audio quality. Education video phones have brought lots of convenience to students and will win more popularity in the future.

Video Phone In Nursing Home

The increased functions of smartphones do bring people a lot of conveniences and a more pleasant user experience. However, for some elderly, it’s a trouble to operate multifunctional smartphones. Though many young people are proficient in video calls with mobile phones, it’s not such an easy thing for the elderly group. To solve the remote communication problem, many nursing homes have equipped easy-to-operate video phones. Unlike the complex steps with a mobile phone, the elderly just need to operate the video phones just like they are making calls with traditional telephones.

Video Phone In Business

As remote working becomes more popular, video phones have been more often to be applied in business scenarios to streamline remote business communications. Thanks to the high-speed Internet and advanced communication technology, the smoothness, video quality and audio quality have been greatly improved. Though people can’t discuss face-to-face due to distance or other situations, video phones can deliver their words, expressions and many other details clearly without delay, which improves communication efficiency in business scenarios.

Video Phone In Prison
In prison, video phones can be a bridge between inmates and their families. Inmates are limited in the number and times they can call their families each month. High-quality communications bring warmth to the jails. Especially after COVID-19 Pandemic when offline meetings between prisoners and their families are limited, video phones win more popularity. The high-quality remote communications connect inmates and their families, helping them be rehabilitated and correct their mistakes.

Video phones improve efficiency and elevate the experience of remote communications. In the future, video phones will play a more important role and bring more benefits to people. Now back to the question at the beginning, are video phones the future of remote communications? My answer is still YES. What about your answer? Has it been changed?

To create a colorful future for people and keep up with the latest trend in remote communication, recently Telpo has launched a reliable and easy-to-operate video phone, V308. With its stylish appearance and powerful performance, running on Android 9 OS, Telpo V308 can bring a high-quality communication experience to users. What’s worth mentioning is that the transportation cost can be saved by 14% with its plastic shell and 1.5kg weight.

?Easy-to-operate: 8-inch with 1280*800HD and up to 1080P@24FPS video resolution
?Clear video intercom: Equipped with a 2MP high-definition camera and supports H.264 video decoding
?Wide connectivity: Support Ethernet, 4G network, Wi-Fi, etc.

Are you going to catch up with the latest trend in remote communication, too? Come to contact us for more details! Telpo won’t let you be disappointed!

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