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Case Share | Digital Vaccine Verification Device Assist Vaccination Registration
Source: Telpo
Vaccination is one of the important epidemic prevention measures against the COVID-19 and better protects oneself. Worldwide countries are busy carrying out COVID-19 vaccination in a bid to reduce the risk of infection.

Against this backdrop, it is urgent to make digital health pass traceability and improve the efficiency of verification, registration, and storage of vaccinators’ individual information during the vaccination process.

Driven by the vaccination traceability, Telpo launch dual-screen digital vaccine verification device D2. Combining advanced ID reading, fingerprint verification, QR code scanning technology, the digital vaccine verification device can quickly verify the vaccinator’s identification, health code information and achieve fingerprint registration. Efficient, accurate, and safe vaccination information could be confirmed.

?8 core high-speed processor + Android 9.0 operating system ensure efficient and fast operation
?Dual 10.1-inch HD touchable screen, support different contents display at main/guest screen, make registration more simple and fast
?User-friendly design, support maximum the rotation of 200° screen and 180° camera, and convenient different height of people
?Support vaccination, health code scanning, and digital health card reading, make efficient identity verification and registration available
?Support face recognition, ID card reading, and recipient information query
?Support fingerprint collection and fingerprint identification, making the identity verification of children, the elderly, and other special groups easier
?Rich interfaces support secondary development. API interface can be provided, suitable to be used in different scenarios.

Traditional manual recording is inefficient and prone to error, which may result in wrong vaccination and cause serious consequences. With the digital vaccine verification device, the efficiency and accuracy of vaccination can be ensured. Besides, timely vaccination data upload is available to achieve data sharing and traceability.

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