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International Children's Book Day| Facial Recognition System Improve Reading Experience
Source: Telpo

Founded in 1967, International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) is a yearly event organized by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) held on the 2nd of April. It is designated to arouse the love of reading in young people, improve the attention of children’s book and emphasize the importance of books.

It is reported that increasing libraries introduced face recognition system to provide self-service contactless book lending service, aiming to improve the reading experience of young people and ensure a healthy reading environment.

When young readers enter the identifiable zone at the entrance, the facial recognition system will automatic activate and then verify the reader’s identity in no more than a second. Once verify success, the door will auto open and readers are not required to show their reader cards, significantly improving access efficiency and ensure proper social distance.

Importantly, readers can self-help make electronic reader card, complete face information collection at the self-service facial recognition lending book machine inside the library at the first time. And then, they can directly scan their faces to enjoy book borrowing, book lending, book returning, participating in reading activities and other services.

Driven by the demand on improving reading experience and ensure healthy reading environment, Telpo launched face family.

Besides basic face recognition function, single-person or multi-person temperature detection, mask detection, voice broadcast, multi-language version, email alert and so on services are also available. What makes thing better, Telpo strictly follow GDRP compliance to protect personal information.

Moreover, with the help of big data and face recognition management system, libraries can accurately know the book borrowing or lending condition and then systematically analysis the most popular type of books, further reasonable introduce and manage books. In this way, it is conductive to improve operation and service efficiency of the library and also good for cultivating readers’ awareness of science and technology and improving their reading experience.

The era is moving and the technology is advancing. Facial recognition system represents the innovation and progress of the library management and service, which is a good way to spread the spirit of the International Children’s Book Day and provides reader unprecedented reading experience.
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