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Omicron Variant Surge, How To Strengthen Public Epidemic Prevention?
Source: Telpo
Recently, a new variant-Omicron successively appeared in South Africa, Israel, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, and other countries, making quite a stir. It is reported that the Omicron might have a stronger infection than the previous virus, making the global epidemic prevention work harder than ever.

Although the transmissible, pathogenic and immune ability of the Omicron is not yet clear, preventing transmission is always the key and COVID-19 vaccines remain effective in reducing severe illness and death. Under such circumstances, the WHO advised all countries to strengthen virus surveillance, reporting and research, and took effective public health prevention measures to stop transmission of the virus.

What should the public protect themselves?
As mask-wearing is still the effective way to stop the spread of the virus, thus people should properly wear masks in both indoor and outdoor places. In addition, it is also important to wash hands frequently and do a good job of indoor ventilation. Second, people should actively monitor their health status. If one of the suspected symptoms appears to include fever, cough, breath shortness, etc, it is necessary to seek medical advice. Last but not least, non-essential entry and exit should reduce, particularly the high-risk areas.

Telpo Epidemic Prevention Family
With the mission of creating a colorful future and aid countries to do well in public epidemic prevention with high efficiency and safety, Telpo has successfully rolled out a series of anti-epidemic terminals with various types and multi-function.

Mask Detection
Mask wearing is thought to be an effective method to combat viruses. In virtue of advanced mask detection technology, the Telpo mask detection terminal can effectively detect and judge whether people wear a mask with screen display and voice broadcast. If people do not properly wear the mask, the mask detection terminal will also remind him and not allow entering until correctly wear the mask.

Vaccination Verification
As getting vaccination is considered a reliable measure to protect public health, thus many public places require people to display their vaccination proof before entering. Taking various factors into consideration, handheld, desktop, and stand-alone vaccination verification scanners are available.

People can display their paper or digital vaccination proof in front of the vaccination verification terminal at the checking point, and then the scanned data will be automatically matched with officially vaccination institution and verification results will be displayed at the screen with voice broadcast. The verification process can be done in a contactless and self-service way.

Temperature Screening
If require, forehead temperature or wrist temperature screening is supported. Telpo can even provide single-person or multi-person temperature screening devices and an IP66 outdoor temperature screening terminal for selection. They can all detect body temperature with ±0.3℃ accuracy within a second. Once fever is detected, the alarm will be activated and an alert email will be sent to the platform. All data will also be reported and uploaded for follow-up tracing.

Identity Identification
For places that require identity identification, no matter the NFC/HID card reading, QR code scanning, video intercom or biometric identification (face/ iris/ fingerprint), you can find the suitable one among Telpo identity identification terminals. In addition, human witness comparison, liveness detection, access control, attendance as well as visitor QR code registration and management are available. Importantly, Telpo identity identification terminals are in compliance with the GDPR framework so as to protect personal privacy information.

Voice Broadcast
The built-in loudspeaker access to TTS voice broadcast, achieving timely transfer text to natural voice flow, voice broadcast, and voice alert. Multiple language and multiple language versions are supported. Standard APK can be provided for easy secondary development and quick deployment.

Global Certificate
The global certificate includes CE, RoHS, FCC, Telec, KC, BIS, Anatel, etc jointly guarantee products with high quality and comply with the market demand. And there are wall-mounted, stand-alone, gate brackets for selection.

No matter at any time and anywhere, life safety and health is always the most significant thing. Only jointly take efforts to do well in public epidemic prevention with both physical and psychological measures could we actually protect individuals and maintain social stability.

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