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Case Share |Face Recognition Temperature Screening Kiosk Ensure Hospital Security
Source: Telpo

As temperature screening, identity identification, vaccination registration, and health pass verification belong to effective anti-pandemic measures, we can see them widely used at different scenes.

There is no doubt that different scenes have unlike anti-pandemic demands and would take corresponding measures. Take the hospital as an example, if a patient needs to be accompanied by family members during the epidemic, more stringent information registration is required, including nucleic acid test results and identity identification.

That requires the hospital to verify the companion identification and prevent miscellaneous personnel so as to ensure the safety and health environment of the hospital. However, it is hard to make identity identification and temperature screening synchronously simply by human beings, which is not only inefficient but also prone to make mistakes. Under such circumstances, a multi-functional face recognition temperature screening kiosk is essential.

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital introduced Telpo face recognition temperature screening kiosk in a bid to improve epidemic prevention and identity identification efficiency. Companion only needs to scan their faces in front of face recognition temperature screening kiosk at the entrance of the inpatient area, which will carry out contactless temperature screening and face comparison. Once face information is matched with the approval hospital database, then the gate will automatically open without human checking.

The advantage of using a face recognition temperature screening gate in hospitals lies in it can solve the problem of inefficiency and hidden dangers of paper certificates, and facilitate companion and medical staff freely access. In addition, with the help of the face recognition temperature screening gate, the hospital can check and trace personnel access dynamics at any time at the platform and achieve face recognition, temperature measurement, contactless self-service identity verification such convenient services.

Apart from supporting digital certificate certification, face recognition, temperature screening, mask detection those effective anti-pandemic measures, Telpo face recognition temperature screening kiosk can also provide 4G, standard SDK, and open port to help all walks of life - applications and put into use as soon as possible.

The face recognition temperature kiosk is conducive to alleviate the pressure of hospital management during the epidemic period, ensure epidemic prevention and improve the level of intelligent, scientific, and accurate epidemic prevention and control of the hospital.

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