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Biometric Access Control Boost Gym Sound Operation
Source: Telpo
Nowadays, increasing people see going to the gym and fitness club as something common, like eating or showering. Affected by COVID-19, people long for a contactless identification method, driving more and more gym adopt biometric access control to increase security and membership management so as to maintain sound development.

What is biometric access control?
Biometrics refers to authenticate individual identity by using human inherent physiological characteristics (fingerprint, face, iris, etc.) and behavioral characteristics (handwriting, voice, pace, etc). And biometric access control means utilizing those unique characteristics to authenticate and verify individual identification and then control access.

Traditional membership card VS biometric access control
Generally speaking, the registered member account for 90 percent of gym’s daily foot-traffic. The traditional membership cards are issued to make members freely entry and help gym better know their time & attendance to arrange relative fitness coaches and classes.

Compared with traditional time consuming manual checking of membership cards or pen-and-paper signing in methods, a biometric access control device provides a faster, easier and healthier method of admission and attendance calculation, whilst eliminating the possibility of absence or delay due to lost membership cards.
In addition, the unique biometric feature also eases burdens on gym security, provides infallible, detailed data for gym access, which contribute to prevent the attack from theft or damage, further ensure gym security and membership management.

How does Telpo biometric access control device work?
If a member wants to enter the gym, he only needs to stand in front of the biometric access control device which will automatically activate and capture his facial image. After successful match both the scan and store image at the gym database, the door will auto open and allow people entry. The whole process takes less than a minute. And that’s exactly how Telpo biometric access control device works.

In addition, the cutting-edge face recognition algorithm and liveness detection function enable members accurately recognized with 99.5% accuracy. All the data will be uploaded in real time so as to help gym staff timely know every detail of membership access control and attendance. And we can provide all-in-one biometric access control solution to make you put into use as soon as possible.

If necessary, temperature screening, mask detection, multi-language, health report and so on anti-epidemic measures can be provided. Telpo biometric access control device able to make gym and fitness club embrace the hassle-free access control, cost-effective membership management and sound operation. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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