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Biometric Identity Devices Accelerate National ID Implementation
Source: Telpo
National ID is the identity proof for every individual, and national identity number enrolment is the basic to prevent identity theft and fraud, facilitate the implementation of government service and guarantee national security.

Aiming to accelerate economic development as well as boost the safety and security of all citizens and residents across the country, African countries rolled out a national identity management scheme and emphasized national identity registration. National Identification Number (NIN) registration is required to link with Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).

However, as the old saying goes that it is easier said than done. It is not an easy thing to enroll every citizen’s biometric data, particularly in rural areas that have struggled for years to register the population.

What is National Identification Number?
The National Identification Number (NIN) is the unique number that proves individual identity after successful enrolment. The enrolment contains registering personal demographic data and biometric data (fingerprint, face, iris), and digital signature. The NIN is used to match the individual with his biometric data and other personal information in the National Identity Database and is also used to establish or verify someone's identity.

In Nigeria, NIN is designed to use at all transactions that require identity verification include national e-ID card, travel, personal bank account opening, driver’s license, tax payment, welfare, and other relative services, etc.

How to collect NIN?
According to the official explanation, the applicant will be issued a transaction and NIN enrolment completion after he completed the enrolment process. Applicants can collect their NINs at the enrolment centers where they enrolled. NIN can only be collected by an individual after biometric verification and not by others.

How to make biometric verification?
When it comes to biometric verification, the individual should at least complete biometric data capture. Once people put their finger on the biometric identity device or directly look at the camera of the biometric identity device, the scanned data (fingerprint/ face/ iris) will be compared with the existing one at the database and check whether the biometric feature is the same. The unique characteristic of biometric data means that one person cannot have different data. Thus, if the dada matches successfully, it can prove that the person is who he claimed to be.

Among the biometric characteristics, the fingerprint is the most widely used one. Generally speaking, the fingerprint recognition process involves four steps include fingerprint image acquisition, fingerprint image pretreatment, fingerprint image feature extraction, fingerprint matching, and authentication. The quality of each part will relate to the accuracy of the biometric data.

How to capture biometric data?
To capture biometric data, the tool that can collect, save and upload them is significant. That is the biometric identity device.

In a bid to assist countries inaccurate capture biometric data and implementing national identity registration as soon as possible, Telpo rolled out a biometric identity family containing a series of biometric identity devices. Guaranteed by multi-modal data acquisition methods, Telpo biometric identity devices are good to simplify and accelerate the process of collecting individual biometric data while ensuring security and reliability.

Biometric ID Scanner S5
?5.5-inch + Qualcomm Octa-core processor+ Android 9
?Large memory with up to 4GB DDR+64GB eMMC and supports external 128GB SD card
?Multiple fingerprint scanner options (Suprema BM-Slim2, Suprema BM-Slim3, IB Columbo, IB Waston Mini)
?Multi-factor identification contains IC card/ NFC card/ ID card/ passport reading, barcode scanning, iris recognition
?IP65 waterproof and dustproof + 1.5m drop resistance
?A portable biometric kit is supported

Biometric Identity Tablet S8
?8-inch + 400nit sunlight-readable screen+ Android 9
?Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint)
?Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR, and passport MRZ
?Four-finger scanners optional (IB Columbo/ Sherlock, Suprema BM-Slim2/3 )
?User-friendly design with IP65, support gloves, and wet hands operation
?A portable biometric kit is supported

Biometric Identity Enrolment Workstation S10
?10-inch display + 5-point capacitive touchscreen + Android 10
?10000 mAh removable battery + charge with solar
?Dual cameras (13MP+5MP)
?FAP60 ten-finger scanner + portable biometric kit is supported
?Multiple data capture include contactless card reader (NFC/RFID), iris scanner, MRZ scanner, and IC card reader, electronic signature

Promote a paperless process. Using digitized national ID registration and verification method is good to leave behind the handwriting process, eliminating all the constraints and errors of human validation.
Enhance data accuracy. Multiple data acquisition methods include biometric (iris, fingerprint, face) with liveness detection feature, OCR, MRZ, contactless card, and e-signature to ensure accurate national identity registration.
Timely upload information. Individual data information will be timely uploaded to the specified platform, facilitating to build of a convenient and effective national identity database.
Improve operate experience. The first-rate configuration and automated data acquisition reduce citizen registration time and rapidly provide identity credentials.

Telpo is a high-tech company with 22-year R&D ability and rich biometric project experience. Telpo biometric identity devices are not only conducive to improving the efficiency of law enforcement and counter-terrorism but also facilitating access to e-government and e-commerce services. We can provide professional or customization solutions to you if required.

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