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Case Share |Telpo Facial Recognition Scanner Presented In 2022 Alibaba Cloud Summit
Source: Telpo

As the coronavirus comes and goes, the facial recognition scanner with contactless temperature screening function has become an indispensable prevention measure at public places, as a response to contactless and safely verifies people’s identity and check health status.

It was reported that the 2022 Alibaba Cloud Summit held in Guangzhou on February 25th, attracted dozens of authoritative experts and more than 150 industry personages from industrial digitization, urban economy, energy and manufacturing, and other industries. At the Alibaba Cloud Summit, all the presenters jointly discussed the technological and digital innovative practice, in a response to develop the digital economy and accelerate industrial upgrade with cloud service.

To guarantee the smooth hold of the summit, all audiences are required to make identity identification, temperature screening, display health code, 48-hour nucleic acid testing result in front of the facial recognition scanner at the entrance. And that facial recognition scanner is from Telpo.

Just as the above picture showed, people only need to stand in front of the Telpo facial recognition scanner. And then the machine will automatically activate the facial recognition camera, capture people’s facial features, and compare the scanned facial information with the facial photo that attendance uploaded to the platform in advance. Within a second, Telpo facial recognition scanner will present the verification result on the screen with a voice broadcast.

In virtue of the infrared thermography technology and temperature screening module, Telpo facial recognition scanner can contactless detect attendances’ forehead temperature without manual operation. As the facial recognition scanner can match with the digital prevention platform, thus attendance can swipe their ID card above the card reader area or show the health digital QR code in front of the barcode scanner of the facial recognition scanner, and then the machine can utilize the big data to check attendance’s health status, journey, and nucleic acid testing result. The step is also very simple.

In addition, Telpo facial recognition scanner can support mask detection, multi-language version, high-temperature alarm, email alert, voice intercom, and other functions. The standard SDK can also be provided to shorten secondary development time and make it put into use as soon as possible. You can develop the facial recognition scanner based on your actual demand by yourself or contact us for professional customization service.

It is worth mentioning that the automatic and contactless multi-function facial recognition scanner is good to reduce manual workload as well as improve the efficiency of temperature screening and identity recognition, and weaken the risk of virus transmission caused by human contact.

Nowadays, Telpo facial recognition scanners have already helped all walks of life do well in epidemic prevention and are widely used in communities, offices, schools, railway stations, conferences, hospitals, and other places. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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