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Self Check-out Kiosk Better Solve Walmart Supermarket Labor Shortage
Source: Telpo
Impacted by pandemic, people need to follow self-isolation and stay at home policy, which heavily limits their go out and easily causes labor shortage in necessary public places. However, people were accustomed to purchasing basic daily commodities at the supermarket which is facing labor shortage now.

How to solve the supermarket labor shortage and guarantee both workers and shoppers security under such a strict period? Walmart planned to recruit 150,000 temporary workers in response to shopper panic shopping. Further, it adjusted its open time and set up a senior hour to reduce human contact and make more vulnerable shoppers enjoy less-congested shopping time.

Actually, the continuous developing technology generously provides another method to reduce manpower, namely, the self-service check-out kiosk, which can reduce human contact and infection risk, and enhance checkout efficiency without manual handling at huge people flow places like the supermarket, shopping malls and so on.

High-quality self-service check-out kiosks will care more about shopper operation fluency and sanitation under pandemic. For example, Telpo self-service check-out kiosk, which adopts simple interface design and HD touch screen, facilitating shoppers easily operate and check-out based on-page content and effectively solve the labor shortage. Importantly, it supports contactless payment methods like face payment, QR code payment to avoid potential cash virus spread, and even can customize hand sanitizer to clean shopper hand after touching the screen.

As a high-tech company, Telpo's excellent R&D team developed a temperature checking+ hand sanitizer kiosk to double guarantee workers and shopper health and security before entering the supermarket. With automatic and touch-free temperature checking and hand disinfection, each fever person will be easily detected with voice broadcast and alarm, better protect inside workers and shoppers health and security.
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