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What Are The AI Applications In The Security Industry?
Source: Telpo

With artificial intelligence technology gradually penetrates and deeply applies in the security industry, AI+ security has become a new trend. In terms of application scenes, there can be divided into two types, namely, person or vehicle bayonet and common security monitoring non-bayonet scenes.

So what are the AI applications in the security industry? Let's have a look.

Face Identification

The face identification application belongs to the human-imitative AI bayonet application. That means installing face camera at the key monitoring point and uses the back-end face recognition server to confirm identification. At present, face blacklist matching and static face database matching are the major two types of face identification.

Face Authentication

Face authentication belongs to bayonet scene application, and face whitelist is one of the representative examples. Nowadays, face whitelist can be seem in many scenes include face access control, face attendance, witness verification, etc. Except basic face recognition, Telpo TPS980 with liveness detection function can effectively prevent counterfeit behaviors like photos, videos, masks, etc. and further ensure the security control and daily management of the entrance and exit personnel.

Vehicle Identification

The vehicle identification belongs to the bayonet scene application. Vehicle recognition technology can be seem as the most mature and effective technologies. With the help of the vehicle bayonet which is widely distributed across the country, license plate recognition makes finding people by car become a reality, and successfully helps the police to solve various kinds of cases. Vehicle recognition technology has developed from vehicle recognition to vehicle type recognition, license plate vehicle recognition and so on.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavior analysis can assist security application. Personnel abnormal behavior can be analysised by the behavior analysis system and used in recognizing key area prevention, important goods monitor and abnormal behavior alarm, greatly improves the application efficiency of video surveillance. Besides, it can also realize group situation analysis, such as the analysis of crowd density, people gathering and so on, so as to prevent the crowd events and to achieve early warning and timely disposal.

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