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Biometric Vote Terminal: The Guarantee For Credible Elections
Source: Telpo
Biometrics technology has been applied in almost every aspect of society. To better manage voter identities, biometrics are used more frequently in elections. Therefore, biometric election terminals are widely recognized as a guarantee for credible elections.

What challenges will be brought when applying the manual voting method?
?Low efficiency. The manual method is easy to cause mistakes and costs too much time at the same time. Inaccurate registration information can lead to invalid or duplicate ballots, and thus the integrity of elections can’t be guaranteed.
?Bad experience and low participation. As the traditional manual voting method takes much time, the votes have to spend lots of time waiting and filling in personal information. This may not be a good experience for voters and they will be unwilling to participate in the election.

By using biometric vote terminals, voters’ identities can be verified in high efficiency and high accuracy before casting their ballots. Therefore, most voter impersonation, shady practices and other frauds can be avoided and the transparency of the election is ensured to its maximum.

The biometric election terminals make the voter registration and voter verification process easier, more convenient and more efficient. According to the statics, the fingerprint authentication of one voter can be completed within 0.5s.

It’s very easy to conduct the voter registration and voter verification process with biometric vote terminals.

The voter registration process
1.Voters to be registered come to the registration station.
2.The staff uses a biometric election terminal to capture biometric data, including fingerprint, face, iris, etc.
3.The electronic voting machines determine if a voter's identity has been taken and -s duplicates.
4.Voters’ identities and personal biological information will be saved.

The voter verification process
1.Registered voters come to the polling station.
2.The voters present their voter registration cards or ID cards to the staff.
3.The staff uses an electronic machine to verify the identities of the voters by verifying their biometric features. If the voter’s identity is valid, he can proceed to the voting process; If not, he will be rejected.

The biometric election terminals play an important role in the election. Telpo has launched a variety of devices to be used as biometric vote terminals.
Rugged Biometric Terminal, Telpo S5
Telpo S5 is a compact, reliable and easy-to-carry biometric terminal that delivers a secure and fast identity registration and verification experience.

?Easy to expand. Android 9 OS and Octa-core processor.
?Reliable under harsh conditions. IP65, waterproof, dustproof, 1.5m drop resistance.
?Multi-factor identification methods: IC card/ NFC card/ ID card/ passport reading, barcode scanning, iris recognition.
?Ample storage space: 4GB DDR+64GB eMMC.

Rugged Biometric Tablet, Telpo S8
Telpo S8 is a rugged biometric tablet equipped with an 8-inch display, which is reliable and powerful.

?8-inch multitouch screen. 400nit sunlight readable, glove and wet hands supported.
?Security identity document reading: e-ID contact reading, e-ID card NFC scanning, barcode scanning, etc.
?Multi-factor biometrics authentication: fingerprint, face, iris, voiceprint, etc.

About Telpo: Telpo has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of biometrics and security. Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and established strategic cooperation with telecom operators, governments, banks, Internet companies, and other world-renowned companies. Going forward, Telpo will strive to develop more valuable smart biometric devices and all-in-one smart security solutions, as so to help our partners enhance brand competitiveness and expand market occupation.

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