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Case Share | Telpo Face Recognition Terminals Facilitate Building Access Control
Source: Telpo
It’s stressful to protect personnel safety and property security, especially in buildings with a large number of people. It has become an important issue to efficiently control people’s access to specific areas of the building.

Traditional access control methods
It has been many years since people started to control access to buildings. Many ways have been tried.
?Designated security staff check personnel identities at the entrance
However, these methods above require lots of manpower and material resources but bring a low efficiency and accuracy. Luckily, we have entered the era of more advanced biometrics and can identify people utilizing their biometric features such as fingerprints, faces, etc.

Recently, TPS980, the face recognition terminal launched by Telpo, has been deployed in an office block in Asia, which improves access control efficiency and enhances building security.

How do face recognition terminals work?
1.Information collection
The building property management institution collects the identity information of personnel who have access to the building, including face images. By recording and processing the image data, a face database is built.
2.Face recognition
As soon as the face recognition terminal is installed and the database is built, the identity verification process can be done. When visitors stand before the terminal, their face images will be captured and verified whether they are matched in the database.
3.Access control
If the image can be matched with the images in the database, they will be admitted to enter, or they will be turned away.

Highlights of Telpo face recognition terminal
1.Excellent face recognition
The Telpo access control device has a remarkable face recognition ability, enabling both high efficiency and high accuracy. Equipped with the 2MPX HD binocular camera, the Telpo device can quickly identify visitors in 0.4 seconds at a distance of between 0.3m and 1m. The high recognition accuracy can achieve 99.5%. The superior face recognition capacity ensures highly efficient building access control and maximizes security.

2.Multiple functions via one device
In addition to the face recognition function, the TPS980 provides multiple authentication methods covering fingerprints, NFC cards, and QR codes. The extensive identity verification methods via just one device offer a more flexible access control management to property management institutions and enhance convenience of people.

3.Powerful performance in any environment
Running on a Hexa-Core processor, the Telpo face recognition terminal has an extraordinary operating performance. The complicated applications can be operated smoothly on the device for all-day operation. Besides, even in different environments of day, night, strong light, low light, backlight, etc., the Telpo access control device can perform well equally.

4.Easy configuration and development
With rich ports equipped, it’s more convenient for users to make configuration and development and secondary development on the device. It has been proved by practice that Telpo face recognition terminals can be seamlessly connected to gates and door switches for access control.

5.Intelligent data management
Telpo can provide a full suite of platform services as well as reliable hardware. On the data management platform, Telpo AI MDM, users can upload the data timely and make management smarter and easier.

Benefits of building access control using face recognition terminals
1.Enhanced security
The keys and access cards are at risk of being lost, which caused a certain security threat to the building’s access control. By contrast, people will not lose their faces at any time and others won’t have the opportunity to forge “keys”. Face recognition is thought to be the most reliable method to verify identities.

2.Improved convenience
By applying the face recognition identity verification method, there is no necessity for residents to carry the keys or cards with them. Opening doors by swiping their faces offers more flexibility and convenience to them and enhances their satisfaction.

3.Streamlined management
The face recognition access control method is efficient and allows residents to enter in a shorter time. The higher efficiency and streamlined access control process avoid the entrance blockage caused by excessive traffic and reduce the pressure of access control management.

Telpo is a smart terminal and solution provider with 24 years of customization and manufacturing experience. Telpo face recognition terminals have served multiple application scenes for building access control. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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