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How Should Border Control Effectively Verify Travel Vaccine Passport?
Source: Telpo

As the global vaccination moves forward, more and more countries roll out vaccine passport or similar program to allow citizens to make international travel and cross-border movement easier and safer.

Recently, the Canada travel new rule was official take effect. It requires passengers leaving from Canadian airports or travelling domestically via planes, trains, and cruises have to provide proof of full vaccination, which called as travel vaccine passport.

What is Canada travel vaccine passport?
The travel vaccine passport features a QR code and official logos from the federal government and the recipient’s province or territory. Name, date of birth, QR code, received vaccine type and dose date will be contained at the travel vaccine passport, which will be available digitally and in hard copy.

Border control and airport staff can scan the QR code to view relative information and verify the authenticity. As the vaccine passport system conforms to the SMART Health Card standard, thus other health or identity information will not be provided during verification. In addition, the new federal vaccine passport owns verification and security features to prevent tampering or fraud.

How to use the travel vaccine passport?
Travellers can save the digital vaccine passport at the mobile device like their phone or directly print a paper copy. With the aim to provide border control officers more confidence in vaccination verification, Canada also rolls out the Arrive CAN app. It was reported that the app allows travellers to upload vaccine information.

Foreign border control officers can manually read the information on the vaccine passport or scan the QR code with relative digital verification technology. In addition, the vaccine passport can also be used with ArriveCan to make people have more choices.

How should border control effectively verify travel vaccine passport?
As the mention above, border control officer can verify travel vaccine passport artificially or use digital verification technology to scan the QR code. There is undoubtedly that it is unscientific to check everyone’s travel vaccine passport one by one. It is not only time-consuming but also hard to stop the fake vaccine passport.

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo develops a series of QR code scanner with different size and type, which also reported by the biometric - website. People can put his digital or paper travel vaccine passport in front of the QR code scanner, which will activate the decoder technology and verify the QR code authenticity. The vaccine passport information will then be shown at the display with indicator light and voice broadcast.

In addition, border control officer should understand some operating skill in response to the failure of QR code scanning. Particular when the environment is dark, it is better to remind individual to turn on the phone flashlight, which will make QR code scanning easier. And if there is reflection from the QR code, the scanning phone should adjust the angle or place close enough to the QR code scanner. The professional and heart-warmed attitude will also encourage the individual and make them more cooperative and friendly.

Apart from vaccine passport verification, Telpo also able to provide identity verification, mask detection, temperature screening, multi-language and other customized services. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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