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Maximize Identification Efficiency With Telpo QR Code-based Attendance Machine
Source: Telpo
The attendance record is an important reference for employees’ salary calculation and performance evaluation. However, gone are the days of monitoring attendance in the traditional way like time sheets, followed by the new touchless attendance. Telpo’s QR code-based attendance machines help you easily catch up with the trend of intelligent attendance management.

How to use QR codes to punch in and out?
Attend with QR codes is very simple and employees just need to complete 3 steps.
Step 1: Open the Attendance app and get the QR code.
Step 2: Align the QR code with the reader.
Step 3: The QR code is identified successfully and attendance data is uploaded.

It is a fast, touchless and contactless way to gain access and check attendance through QR codes. To ensure the efficiency of identification and attendance, selecting a reliable QR code-based attendance machine is important.

Telpo has launched a variety of high-quality access controllers and attendance machines.

QR Code-Based Attendance Machine, TPS980
TPS980, a contactless attendance punching device based on QR codes, ensures quick authentication and real-time attendance data uploading, which is an indispensable helper to achieve efficient attendance management.
Ultra-fast verification. Wide scanning angle, identification time < 0.5s.
High performance. Android 9 OS + 1.8Ghz fast CPU.
Real-time attendance data uploading. Supports 4G, Wifi, Ethernet, etc.
Multi-mode authentication. QR codes, NFC cards, HID cards, etc.
Easy to install. Floor-stand, desktop, wall-mounted, etc.

In addition to providing reliable hardware, Telpo also offers a platform strengthening attendance management, Telpo Cloud.

Telpo Cloud is a multi-device batch management platform that supports device management, application management, firmware management, data reporting, etc. It also facilitates interoperability with the third party and provides LAN offline version, online version and middleware version. Combining Telpo attendance punching machines and Telpo Cloud platform makes attendance management higher-efficient and more effective.

Telpo is has 23-year experience in providing QR code verification terminals. The QR code-based attendance machine, TPS980, has been exported to a number of countries including the USA, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, etc. It also has a wide range of application scenarios, like public transport, customs, schools, hospitals, exhibitions and so on. In some well-known enterprises like FAW-Volkswagen, TPS980 can be seen to verify identities and guard safety.

It’s time to introduce QR code-based attendance machines and biometric-based access controllers to achieve efficient attendance management. Come on and select from Telpo devices, whether TPS980, Telpo F8, Telpo F10, or Telpo B10. Telpo is sincere to be your cooperative partner and welcomes you to contact us for more details.

Click here to know more details about TPS980.

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