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Case Share |Telpo Health Pass Scanner Boost Railway Station Operation

Undoubtedly, the railway station is a place with huge personnel flow, which will cause great pressure on security and epidemic prevention. In order to better cope with the peak passenger flow, ensure safe and healthy travel for passengers, and realize efficient epidemic prevention and control, many railway stations have implemented health code verification.

It is understood that Guangzhou Railway Station receives nearly 100,000 passengers every day. With the aim to efficiently cope with the huge passenger flow, improve the entrance and exit passage efficiency as well as facilitate the travel of the elderly, Guangzhou Railway Station launched the epidemic prevention verification system and introduced Telpo health pass scanner F2.

Passengers only need to place their ID cards on the health pass scanner, and then their health information such as vaccination certificate, nucleic acid test results will be displayed on the screen. Only passengers successfully make verification can they enter the railway station. The whole verification process can be done by passengers themselves. For people (children, elderly) who have no idea how to use the health pass scanner, there are some volunteers standby to provide guidance and assistance. It will be good to avoid Internet congestion and accelerate verification efficiency.

The railway station staff said the health pass scanner helps them know passengers’ identity, health code status, travel location, vaccination, nucleic acid test, and other information by simply swiping the ID card through the card reader of the health pass scanner, without manual registration and verification. In addition, as the health pass scanner can connect to the big data center for epidemic prevention and control, they can better screen and track passengers who came from the overseas or epidemic risk area and achieve follow-up tracking and management.
?It is worth mentioning that the Telpo health pass scanner can also support face recognition, QR code (health code) verification, mask detection, contactless temperature screening, and other functions based on actual scene demand. In virtue of cutting-edge decoding technology, advanced face recognition algorithm, and liveness detection, the health pass scanner can fast and accurately capture passengers’ facial features and complete face recognition without seconds. Given that, passengers can choose face recognition, scanning QR codes, or swiping ID card to verify their identities and health status.

Multiple identity verification methods are conducive to improving identity verification efficiency, reducing queuing time, preventing crowd congestion as well as doing well in epidemic prevention and control. Given the standard SDK and open port can be provided, all walks of life can - relevant applications and put them into use as soon as possible.

Nowadays, Telpo health pass scanners have been widely used at communities, schools, railway stations, vaccine centers, hospitals, offices, etc, and gained strong recognition and praise. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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