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How Visitor Registration System Machines Streamline Access Management?
Source: Telpo
The traditional method of tracking visitors using paper logbooks has been outdated. To enhance both security and visitor management, the visitor registration system machine is a more popular choice for most businesses.

What is the visitor registration system machine?
The visitor check-in system refers to the combination of visitor management hardware and software. The visitor terminals can be a desktop terminal or a self-service kiosk. Whether a desktop device or kiosk, they play the role of allowing visitors to enter or denying their access rights. The method of verifying the identities of visitors can be multiple, covering RFID tags, QR codes, face recognition, etc. By introducing a visitor log monitoring system, comprehensive visitor recording, highly efficient visitor registration and effective access control can be done.

How does the visitor registration system work?
The visitor registration process can be divided into 3 steps.
1.Appointment and pre-registration
Before the visitors visit, they can contact the company's employees in advance and register some information in the visitor management system to facilitate their visit.
When visitors arrive, they can improve their identity registration, such as completing identity card registration, signature, photo capturing, etc. This process can enhance the safety further. After completing this step, visitors can get a visitor card or just get entrance access by face recognition.
3.Identity verification
When visitors complete their identity registration, they can get easy access to the entrance by simply tapping their NFC cards or recognizing their faces, without any repeated identity registration.

What are the benefits of the visitor registration system machine?
1.Quick check-in for visitors
The method of using paper logbooks to manage visitors is time-consuming and troublesome. The visitor check-in system machine eliminates the need for handwriting, which can quickly improve visitor management efficiency.
2.Improved security
By tracking and identifying visitors in a digital method, the company can get better control over visitors, and the security risk brought by unauthorized access has been reduced. It greatly enhances the company’s security.
3.Improved visitor experience
The streamlined visitor management process reduces the waiting time and efforts for visitors to gain access. The efficient visitor management also shows a professional, high-efficient and modern enterprise image and leaves a strong impression on visitors.

How to choose a suitable visitor check-in machine?
1.Dual-screen is a better choice
Compared to a single-display visitor control terminal, a dual-screen device is a better choice to enhance interaction. With a customer-facing display, visitors can operate more easily and flexibly. Especially when capturing a photo, the secondary screen makes it easier for visitors to align their faces to the camera.
2.Powerful performance
The quick processing is of great importance. The highly performant visitor registration device can bring a faster processing speed, which can improve identity registration and verification efficiency.
3.Multiple functions
There are always more than 1 identity verification methods. Multiple identity verification methods bring a more flexible visitor experience.

The Telpo desktop smart terminal TPS680 has been used for identity registration in multiple business scenarios. Equipped with a 15.6-inch main screen and a 10-inch secondary screen, it can enhance the interaction experience. Running on up to Android 13 OS and a Quad-core processor, efficient processing will be brought. It also has good compatibility with a face recognition module and NFC reader added.

Welcome to contact us for more details. Telpo is sincere in being a cooperative partner to boost your businesses.

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