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Why biometric identification is becoming more essential?
Source: Telpo
There is more evidence suggesting that biometric identification is of greater importance. Many governments are turning their eyes to biometrics and starting to put forward some plans for digital identifications and biometric identification.

Which countries are taking action recently?
As early as 2016, the Russian federal government decided to develop Unified Biometrics System and officially started the development in 2017. The biometrics system is mainly used for citizen identification and electronic transaction verification. Recently, the Russian government had new initiatives. Russia’s lower house of parliament has adopted a bill that requires banks to share clients’ biometric data with the state and the Russian Ministry of Digital Development is preparing a bill that proposes applying the Unified Biometrics System to sensitive facilities.

France has been making effort to promote biometrics identification. For example, in May 2022, France pushed the EU Council to formally extend the police biometrics data-sharing network. Besides, the French Senate’s Law Commission published a report about a three-year regulatory sandbox for trialing extensive biometric surveillance several months ago.

To create a foundational digital ID ecosystem in Nigeria, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and French Development Agency co-founded the Nigeria ID4D Project. Recently, the Project paid more attention to the digital identities of the citizens living with disabilities. Nigeria ID4D Project aims to create a more friendly environment and provide better public services by obtaining their biometric information to issue national identity numbers.

Recently, the president of Gambia warmly called for his citizens to register their biometric information for the civil registry and national health insurance scheme newly launched. Conducting registration for the health insurance scheme with a biometric insurance card can satisfy the health needs of Gambian citizens to the greatest extent.

In addition to the countries above, most countries have added biometrics to digital identities. Though more laws are needed to supervise biometrics registration and identification, biometrics has become an irreversible trend. Using biometrics as an adjunct to identity authentication is necessary and can offer many benefits.

Accuracy. Biometric identifications ensure the accuracy of identity authentication and verification. Compared with social symbols like ID cards, work cards, and other certifications, fingerprints, iris, faces, and biological symbols are more reliable, for they are unique and different in each person. Through biometric validations, the identity confirmed is more credible. Additionally, it is more difficult and expensive to fake biometrics than other identity documents. As a result, with the common use of the fusion of multiple biometric identifications, fewer criminals choose to fake and steal the biological information of other citizens for the rising crime costs. Society will be in better order.

Efficiency. Biometric identifications make identities more credible and reliable, more manual labor has been saved. Officials who are responsible for verifying identities don’t have to check with their naked eyes. More time and energy have been saved and the process of identification becomes more efficient.

Since biometric identification is more essential, choosing powerful and reliable biometric identification terminals is important.

Founded in 1999, Telpo is a world-leading smart security terminal and solution provider. The large Telpo Biometric Security Family has many other members, including biometric hand-held terminals, biometric desktop devices, etc. Among them, Telpo S8 and TPS450 are rugged biometric tablets that are most suitable to be applied in voter enrollment & verification and border & access control. Telpo S5 and TPS360 are handheld biometric terminals that are portable and convenient to bring outdoors to conduct multi-factor identification and authentication. Telpo S1 and Telpo S10 are desktop biometric devices that are easy and stable to operate. Last but not least, Telpo self-service kiosks can be applied for biometric security used with fingerprint scanners. Telpo is dedicated to providing users with an all-around, convenient and efficient experience.

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