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Telpo Biometric Smart Terminal Obtain IP65 Certificate
Source: Telpo

The unique characteristic of biometric technology makes biometric data become the most popular and recognized identity registration and verification method. As citizen identity registration and verification scene may differ in various countries, thus the protection degree of the biometric smart terminal is crucial.

Recently, Telpo biometric smart terminals S5 and S8 successfully passed tests for both dust and water ingress and obtained the IP65 certificate, which was performed by third-party testing organizations. That means, Telpo biometric smart terminal can ensure normal operation and continue working with a powerful performance anywhere and anytime.

What is IP Rating?
IP, or Ingress Protection, is a widely accepted measurement of varying degrees for dust and liquid resistance that is in line with the international standard of EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992). It is used to define the level of waterproof and dustproof a product can achieve.

What does IP65 mean?
Generally speaking, the IP rating contains two digits. The first number refers to the protection from solid foreign objects and the second digit represents how well the product is protected from water. The bigger of number, the better protection it can provide. Given that, IP65 means that Telpo biometric smart terminal can be protected against dust and protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction.

How well can Telpo biometric IP65 smart terminal perform?
To begin with, we should know that the tough environment will undoubtedly affect the operational performance and security of biometric smart terminals to some extent. Given that, Telpo adopts three proofing solutions and ABS material to allow the biometric smart terminal with excellent performances including abrasive resistance, oil resistivity, impact resistance, etc, in response to improve the reliability and stability of the biometric smart terminal.

In addition, the rugged industrial design with a wear and scratch resistance screen makes Telpo biometric smart terminal perform reliably in every environment and run smoothly at -10°C to 50°C operating temperature. Rugged IP65 biometric smart terminal comes with advanced sealing technology for waterproof and dustproof, enabling it to feature high endurance with unparalleled adaptability to stand up to extreme weather conditions and multiple shocks.

Last but not least, superior performance with reliable design make Telpo IP65 biometric smart terminal can be widely applied to multiple application scenes including citizen identity, SIM card registration, election, law enforcement, border control, bank e-KYC, mobile attendance & access control, etc.

Telpo IP65 biometric smart terminal
In virtue of the IP65 rating, Telpo ultra-compact, highly precise, rugged, and powerful IP65 biometric smart terminals S5 and S8 can be used in every environment even though where water resistance and dust resistance are necessary.

Telpo S5
?5.5-inch + Qualcomm Octa-core processor+ Android 9
?Large memory with up to 4GB DDR+64GB eMMC and supports external 128GB SD card
?FBI PIV / FBI Mobile ID FAP20 (Up to FAP30 & FAP45)
?Multi-factor identification contains IC card/ NFC card/ ID card/ passport reading, barcode scanning, iris recognition

Telpo S8
?8-inch + 400nit sunlight-readable screen+ Android 9
?Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint)
?Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR, and passport MRZ
?FBI PIV / FBI Mobile ID FAP20
?A portable biometric kit is supported

In virtue of 22-year professional biometric project experience and strong market recognition, Telpo has established strategic cooperation with telecom operators, governments, banks, Internet companies, and other world-renowned companies, covering 120 countries and regions and serving more than 5000+ customers. Going forward, Telpo will strive to develop more valuable smart biometric devices and scene-oriented biometric solutions, as so to make citizens accurately register identification and access to e-government services.

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