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Telpo All In One Digital COVID-19 Certificate Verification Solution
Source: Telpo
Telpo All In One Digital COVID-19 Certificate Verification Solution

Nowadays, the EU has implemented the EU Digital COVID Certificate to allow EU citizens and residents free and safe access to the member states. That is designated to release restrictions between cross-border movements, promote travel industry development and boost economic recovery.

However, the mandatory vaccination is fueling a black market for fake vaccination cards or vaccine certificate, which is not only irresponsible for life but also easily cause great danger to the public and society. No one is safe until everyone is safe. Thus, verifying the accuracy of the vaccination is significant.

With the mission of creating a colorful future and make all walks of life convenient, efficient and accurate verify the digital certificate, Telpo jointly develop an all-in-one digital COVID-19 certificate verification solution.


Designated to reduce the development circle and put into use as soos as possible, the all-in-one COVID-19 certificate verification solution contains green pass scanner and green pass app.

Combining advanced ID card reading and professional QR code scanning technology, the green pass scanner TPS508 can support identity verification and digital certificate authentication with multi-language voice broadcast, indicator light, and screen display triple remind. The stable communication (4G/WIFI/BT) allows it to synchronize data to the cloud?platform for recording and follow-up tracking.

In addition, the solution allows you need not to log in to Google because the app will install at the device directly. The app will automatically - itself and we will also manage LED to make it accurately recognize the paper QR code even though the light is low. Most importantly, it will constantly scan and recognize without pushing any button.

Step one: Place the paper or digital QR code in front of the green pass scanner
Step two: The green pass scanner will automatically scan and decoding the QR code
Step three: The verification result (vaccine/test/recovery information) will be displayed on the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for no entry, green for safe entry)

1. Strong compatibility: The solution supports matching current all EU health certificate apps (paper/digital). 27 languages are also available.
2. Plug and play: Provide a green pass app + green pass scanner to make you put it into use as soon as possible.
3. User-friendly design: Automatically and quickly decode paper or digital QR codes. The result will be shown on the screen with indicator light and voice broadcast.
4. Technical support: EU local R&D team 24/7 online support
5. Service guarantee: Provide 2 years of software warrantities and maintenance services.

Simplify: You need not worry about how to compatible the device and the app. A simple and easy operation experience can be enjoyed.
Security: Encryption mechanism to ensure the safety of personal data or privacy. No personal information will be disclosed.
Convenience: Automatic and contactless verification without manual checking and additional manpower input.
Expandability: The solution has been used in communities, vaccine centers, hospitals, and other places and gained market recognition.

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