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Telpo Upgrades S8 to Elevate Biometric Security
Source: Telpo
The Telpo biometric tablet S8 has won wide recognition since its launch. Lately, Telpo made an upgrade on the biometric tablet and officially launched it on July 19th. The upgraded device can offer more fingerprint scanner options and enables max 4-4-2 fingerprint capture.

One of the most distinguished advantages of this Telpo biometric tablet is the multiple fingerprint scanner options. After upgrading, now the Telpo S8 can support options of FAP20, FAP30, FAP45 and FAP60. The selection of fingerprint scanner options can adjust according to the specific application scenarios and various user needs.

Additionally, the upgraded biometric tablet S8 keeps a compact and portable appearance compared to other biometric tablets supporting multi-fingerprint capture. The lightweight biometric tablet makes it easy to carry out and operate and provides more convenience for users.

At the same time, the upgraded Telpo S8 inherited the advantages of the previous version.

1.High?performance ensures long-time smooth operation
Running on the Octa-Core?processor and?Android?12?OS, the Telpo biometric tablet S8 can support long-time smooth processing when conducting data-capture tasks. The high CPU configuration ensures the powerful performance of the device.

2.User-friendly design delivers more convenience
Equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen that is scratch-resistant and sunlight readable, the Telpo S8 is easy to operate. Whether indoor or outdoor application environment, users can have a convenient operation experience.

3.Multi-modal data capture unlocks more application scenarios
The biometric device supports multiple data capture methods including biometric identification methods of fingerprint, face, and iris, as well as versatile document verification methods of contact/contactless?e-ID?card,?e-passport?NFC?reading,?and?barcodes. The compact multifunctional tablet can deal with various identity authentication and verification tasks.

4.Rugged design extends product service life
Adopting a rugged design, this Telpo biometric tablet has passed the IP65 and 1.2m drop-proof, which proves that the Telpo S8 is rugged enough to resist water, dust and impact. Even under harsh operating conditions, this device can keep normal running.

5.Hassle-free biometric kit satisfies all user needs
In addition to the biometric tablet S8, there is a Bluetooth printer, printing paper rolls, spare battery, power adapter, USB lines, etc. The rugged suitcase makes it easy and convenient to carry outside.

The upgraded biometric tablet S8 has a wider application and can be used for mass voting enrollment, identity authentication, border control, law enforcement, e-KYC, etc. Telpo has the confidence to confirm that the Telpo biometric tablet can deliver a convenient and friendly user experience to deal with various data capture and identity verification tasks.

Welcome to contact us for more details. In addition to the biometric tablet, Telpo can offer handheld biometric terminals, desktop biometric devices, etc. With 24-year customization and manufacturing experience, Telpo has the confidence to provide satisfactory solutions in various application scenarios.

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