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How Biometric Entrance Systems Assist Amusement Park Resume Operation?
Source: Telpo
With the continuous in-depth development of biometric, biometric entrance system no longer only used at the security industry. Even the entertainment industry, like the amusement park, using biometric entrance system to ensure safe indoor environment, as a way to promote resuming operation.

Recently, Disney World started testing facial recognition technology at Magic Kingdom to allow guests enjoy touchless entry experience as so to ensure navigate operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The park goer’s face will be accurately recognized even they wear a mask, and then their face will convert into a unique number ID that's linked to their admission ticket.

In fact, biometric entrance systems and face recognition gates have long been installed in some amusement parks. In virtues of contactless biometric entrance systems and facial recognition gate, amusement park can effectively check the health status of tourists, improve ticket verification efficiency and promote smooth operation.

Visitors could book tickets in advance, and the face recognition gate will count the number of tourists in real time to effectively control people flow. Once the number of tourists exceeds restriction range, the device will send out voice reminder to regulate the amusement park’s entry restriction measures and improve tourists’ a sense of security.

Impacted by epidemic, automatic temperature measuring, health code scanning or digital vaccine passport validation can be added to the facial recognition gate, in an effort to ensure normal physical condition of tourists. Telpo facial recognition gate TPS980T can realize simultaneous temperature detection, face recognition, mask detection, health code/ digital vaccine passport verification and other functions.

Once tourists pass temperature checking and identity verification, the gate will automatically open. It can satisfy face recognition access control, NFC card access control and other diversified access control functions. And all the data will be uploaded to the platform as so to help administrative better understand and master the real time condition of the amusement park.

Moreover, contactless ticket verification can also reduce personnel contact and speed up ticket verification efficiency, which is safer and faster than paper ticket verification and can reduce tourists' queuing, further attract them go to the amusement park.

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