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How To Take Identity Authentication With Your Finger?
Source: Telpo
Your finger is your access. With the unique biometric characteristic, fingerprint data is required to capture in a bid to make accurate digital identity nowadays. Under such conditions, you can utilize your finger to take identity authentication. However, do you know how to take identity authentication with your finger?

There is no doubt that every finger has a different feature but remains constant for the same finger. The fingerprint scanner can automatically extract these features and compare them with other fingerprint features to calculate their similarities and determine whether two fingerprint images are the same finger.

Generally speaking, fingerprint verification contains four steps include fingerprint image acquisition, fingerprint image pretreatment, fingerprint image feature extraction, fingerprint matching, and authentication.

Fingerprint acquisition: The fingerprint will be captured by the fingerprint scanner. The more fingerprint details, the higher resolution of the fingerprint image, and the more accuracy of fingerprint verification can be done. At present, fingerprint scanners include an optical scanner, semiconductor scanner, ultrasonic scanner, and radiofrequency RF scanner.

Fingerprint image preprocessing: After fingerprint acquisition, fingerprint image quality assessment is required. The preprocessing mainly includes image segmentation, enhancement, binarization, and thinning. Through signal processing technology, it aims to remove all kinds of noise interference in the image, improve the quality of fingerprint image, restore the fingerprint ridge structure, elevate the accuracy of feature extraction and extract correct fingerprint features.

Fingerprint image feature extraction: Feature extraction includes global features and local features. Feature points provide certain fingerprint confirmation information, among which the most typical are terminal point and bifurcation point. Feature extraction is to detect the number, type, and location of feature points and line orientation, in a bid to reduce the false feature points and improve the later matching speed and fingerprint recognition performance.

Fingerprint matching and authentication: It contains 1:1 authentication and a 1: N authentication model. The 1:1 authentication refers to comparing the fingerprint feature with the stored fingerprint template to prove whether it is the person. The 1: N authentication means to pick up one specific fingerprint from N pre-enrolled templates, and then know who he is.

Driven by the idea to make people accurately capture their fingerprints and take identity identification, Telpo rolled out a series of advanced biometric devices with cutting-edge fingerprint sensors optional. It is conducive to simplifying and accelerating the fingerprint capture and verification process while ensuring security and reliability.

Biometric ID Scanner S5
?5.5-inch + Qualcomm Octa-core processor+ Android 9
?Large memory with up to 4GB DDR+64GB eMMC and supports external 128GB SD card
?FBI PIV / FBI Mobile ID FAP20 (Up to FAP30 & FAP45)
?Multi-factor identification contains IC card/ NFC card/ ID card/ passport reading, barcode scanning, iris recognition

Biometric Identity Tablet S8
?8-inch + 400nit sunlight-readable screen+ Android 9
?Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint)
?Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR, and passport MRZ
?FBI PIV / FBI Mobile ID FAP20
?A portable biometric kit is supported

Biometric Identity Enrolment Workstation S10
?10-inch display + 5-point capacitive touchscreen + Android 10
?10000 mAh removable battery + charge with solar
?Ten-finger (4-4-2) biometric scanner using LES (Light-emitting Sensor) technology with FBI Appendix F & FAP60
?Multiple data capture includes reading ePassports and ID Documents., scanning MRZ reads RFID without movement, and supporting ICAO & IAS standards.
?Thermal printer or Zink printer optional

Telpo is a leading smart biometric terminal and solution provider with years of R&D ability and rich biometric project experience. We can provide professional or customized biometric solutions to you according to your actual demand. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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