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What Are The Applications Of Digital Identity and How To Create It?
Source: Telpo

Under the wave of digitalization and contactless, digital identity gradually evolves into a new-style personal individual symbol. As increasing countries build national digital identity system, individual digital identity can make us prove our identification anywhere and anytime.

As the saying goes that people who grasp the development trend and latest technology will more easily gain success. That’s the same in business. Under current market trend, digital identity and relative biometric device thereof are crucial to the growth and expansion of your business.

However, to expand the business, we should at least know the applications of digital identity and how can it help business.

What are the applications of digital identity and how will it benefit business?

Introducing secure and confidential digital identity can make business better protect customer login and transaction details. Security is extremely crucial for eCommerce platforms and Fintech platforms as it is the basis and foundation to set up business.

For an eCommerce platform, verify and confirm shopper’s digital identity is the precondition to ensure normal operation, reduce fraud losses and success transaction. By creating digital identity system can also provide a contactless and hygiene shopping model, thus enhancing user experience and loyalty.

Gaming & Gambling
By verifying participants’ digital identities whilst gaming or gambling online on the platforms, businesses can timely find out and stop collusive play, which is conducive to conform to regulations and ensure legal operation.

A digital identity is good to protect critical infrastructure and secure remote login, further avoid any federal conflicts or litigation. In addition, federal business units can make sure their data security by creating digital identities for all the employees and concerned parties.

It is significant for hospitals and health care institutions to create digital identities of patients, doctors, and other employees in a bid to store all sensitive information and make it convenient to check relative information. Particularly for senior patients, the digital identity can help them store all medical history that can be made readily available anywhere and anytime.

In virtue of digital identity system, insurance companies and agents can store all client information without manual record, thus accelerating the underwriting process and help them prevent insurance fraud of any kind.

With the digital identity and digital identity system, financial and non-financial institutions can more conveniently draw up credit histories, credit records, and credentials of potential and existing borrowers. It will help them prevent financial fraud and accelerate instant loan approvals.

Taking fully advantage of digital identities can make media and public relations managers prevent fraudulent accounts and bogus content, as well as ensure that they get the maximum earnings of every buck spent on promotion and advertising.

Fintech and digital payment platforms make use of digital identities is conducive to improve user loyalty and payment experience, accelerate secure transaction and promote financial inclusion.

The travel, hospitality and transportation industry can make use of digital identities to prevent fake identity, fraudulent reservations, stolen rewards redemption and improve verification accuracy and efficiency.

How to create a digital identity?
It goes without saying the importance and advantage of digital identity. However, we need a specific tool to create a digital identity and digital identity system. And biometric device or biometric machine could help us do well in the preliminary biometric data acquisition and collection.
Creating a digital identity, it generally involves three steps include capture, verify and digitalize. The details of each step may vary according to the actual demand and the regulations they are subject to. Take Telpo biometric device S8 as an example, we can take a brief understanding of the basic process.

Capture biometrics
In virtue of face recognition camera, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner, the biometric device is available to capture the user's biometric information. When people place their fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner or look directly towards the face recognition camera or iris scanner, their biometric data (face, fingerprint, iris) will be automatically captured according to the demand.

Verify biometrics
Biometric technology is used to verify whether the citizen presenting the official document, which can also be used as an advanced digital way to remote verify someone identification. In order to expand the accuracy and expandability of identity verification, the biometric machine can also support various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR and passport MRZ and multi-fingerprint scanners optional (IB Columbo/ Sherlock, Suprema BM-Slim2/3).

A digital identity may be created after matching the biometric data and the identity document. If require, immediately paper credential can be printed as the external Zink printer is available. As the biometric data is supported to store at the biometric device or upload to the digital identity system with stable communication, thus user can easily access to the relative server with their digital ID. They can gain access by simply presenting the requested biometric attribute, such as their fingerprint, face or iris.

With 22-years rooted at the biometric industry, Telpo have developed a series of biometric identity devices and biometric solutions include citizen registration, voter verification, election, border control, ID document issuance, eKYC, etc. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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