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Case Share| Telpo Green Pass Scanner Elevate Passenger Station Efficiency
Source: Telpo

The 2022 Spring Festival travel reason has officially kicked off, with 280 million trips expected to be made across China. Under the background of normalized epidemic prevention, passenger stations across the country put epidemic prevention at the top priority, and require passengers to display health code, temperature screening, and wear the mask at the entrance, in response to ensure a safe and orderly travel experience.

However, it is time-assuming, low efficient, and crowded if the passenger station staff checks passengers’ health codes one by one and hand by hand. In addition, if someone embezzles other personal health information to enter the passenger station, it would bring great hidden dangers and endanger the health and safety of society.

Moreover, it is difficult for seniors and children to present their health code because they might don’t have a mobile phone or don’t know how to use it, and then they would stop at the entrance and easy to cause congestion and virus spread at the passenger station.

To solve the above-mentioned problem, strictly do well in epidemic prevention work, enhance passengers’ travel experience and elevate the efficiency of the passenger station, the passenger station introduced Telpo green pass scanner TPS980T, which was also reported by the CCTV.

Considering every citizen has a specific ID card, an advanced contactless card reader was adopted at Telpo green pass scanner. Given this, citizens only need to place their ID card on the green pass scanner for seconds, and then their health information such as vaccination certificate, nucleic acid test results will be displayed on the screen. Only the verification result comes with a green code and normal temperature, passengers can enter the station. The whole verification process can be done by passengers themselves without staff.

If an abnormal condition such as high temperature or fake vaccine certificate is founded, the green pass scanner will immediately activate the alarm and report to the platform. In this way, the passenger station staff can immediately know the condition and take rapidly respond. Besides, all data will be timely uploaded to the management platform for remote monitoring and follow-up tracking.

Last but not least, apart from supporting vaccine certification and temperature screening, the green pass scanner also enables face recognition, mask detection, multi-language, voice intercom, and other functions. In addition, standard SDK and open port are available to help all walks of life - applications and put them into use as soon as possible.

Spring Festival is the important reunion time that people can be free from work and accompany with their family. Telpo hopes that it can utilize its high-tech devices to ensure people have a healthy and safe Spring Festival.

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