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Mask Detection Plus Vaccination Verification Safeguard Thanksgiving Day
Source: Telpo

If you want to know the icon of American pop culture, then the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade should make its mark. As the official start of the holiday season with more than nine decades, the Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade could say to be one of the most anticipated holiday celebrations.

As we truly feel that the epidemic has affected everything around our life last year, thus we feel more excited and more look forward to the traditional festival that is going to return. And the good news is, we can be ready for the countdown to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and embrace its 95th celebration.

It was reported that this year’s parade will return to its pre-pandemic format. It will feature high-flying balloons, animated floats, novelty inflatables, marching bands, performance groups, musical stars, clowns the one and only Santa Claus, and take its route to the streets of New York City. And all volunteers and staff will be required to be vaccinated and wear masks.

The most inspiring news is that visitors will be allowed to watch the balloons inflated the day before the parade once they show proof of vaccination. In addition, children under the age of 12 may be accompanied by a vaccinated adult. That means mask detection and vaccination verification will be crucial to ensure the parade run smoothly and guarantee the safety of all participant people.

Driven by the motivation to assist people to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving Day by safely participating in the parade, Telpo rolls out a series of contactless and self-service devices that support mask detection, vaccination verification, and other required functions.

Digital Green Pass Scanner TPS508
?Automatic QR code decoying, reduce personnel infection
?Screen display+ voice broadcast+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
?58mm printer for timely printing verification results
?QR scanner + NFC card reader
?Effectively check or upload mobile personnel health information

QR Code & Mask Detection Device TPS950
?Android 8 OS +Octa-core processor+ large memory
?QR code scanning +mask detection + RFID card reading
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
?Online and offline access control and attendance management system

Health Pass + Mask Detection Terminal F8
?Linux OS & Android OS optional+ superb AI vision processor
?Vaccination verification+ mask detection+ face recognition +temperature screening (optional)
?Support QR scanner + RFID card reader + SIP Voice Intercom
?Suitable for the indoor and outdoor scene with an IP65 rating
?Rich brackets and interfaces for flexible deployment
You can choose the appropriate one based on the scene demand. No matter the staff, participants, or visitors, when they reach the identifiable area, they can achieve mask detection, green pass/digital vaccine passport/ vaccination certificate verification through one machine.

All scanned data will be matched with the data stored at the authority platform to assure authenticity. Meanwhile, the verification result will be displayed on the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator lights. As we comply with the GDPR compliant framework, individual information privacy can be properly protected. If a special or customized function is required, you could consult us for further discussion as we own 22-year of customization experience.

People’s yearning for happiness will never end no matter what might happen in their life, and Thanksgiving Day is a good time that you could reunion with your family or friend and embraces the happy moment together. Guaranteed by mask detection and vaccination verification, people can enjoy a worry-free and cherished Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

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