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Case Share| Face Recognition Device Assist Sports Center Rapid Identity Identification
Source: Telpo

On June 16th, Honor, China well-known phone brand, held its new product release conference in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center and introduced many new products. It was reported that more than 1 million people have made reservations and the press conference attracted a large number of guests.

However, the large people flow brought a huge pressure on the security of the sports center, particularly under the condition of pandemic normalcy. Therefore, the venue specifically introduced some smart face recognition devices to improve attendees’ identity identification speed and passage efficiency, as so to maintain proper social distancing and guarantee the security of the press conference.

Attendees can choose face swiping or QR code scanning at the face recognition device installed at the entrance. Take Telpo smart face recognition device F2 as an example, it can fast and accurately capture attendees’ facial features and complete face recognition without seconds, helping them quickly enter the press conference. Attendees need not stand for a while to take out their phone and show QR code, what they should do just swiping their faces and then pass. There is no doubt that face recognition verification is conducive to improve identity verification efficiency and reduce queuing time.

What should be mentioned is that every attendee who participates in the press conference needs to upload their facial photos to the system in advance. Only in this way, the smart face recognition device can capture their facial features and make a comparison with the uploaded facial photos and confirm the accuracy of attendees’ identity. In virtue of the liveness detection function, irrelevant people can be found out and stopped them enter the press conference, and further improve the level of revenue security.

Comparing with the traditional cumbersome face recognition device, the slender appearance of smart face recognition devices is certainly filled with scientific and technological sense and more in accordance with the tone and image of the press conference.

Face recognition device not only manifests the high-tech sense of the press conference but also plays a crucial part in promoting high-efficient and safe identity identification and ensure the press conference successfully held.

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