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How Does Biometric Access Control System Work?
Source: Telpo
The biometric access control system is akin to the biometric management system that allows personnel in and out with their biometric characteristic. The common biometric access control attendance management system supports password, contact-free NFC, biometric (face, fingerprint, iris), and other identification methods. In this article, let’s study some basic concepts of the biometric access control system.
What does biometric access control system work?
Knowing the principle of the biometric access control system can help us better understand how it works. First, the biometric access control device, background access control software, and the door should be connected, so as to perform identity information input, identification, and door opening tasks. And then, the person should input his biometric data (fingerprint, face, iris) or other identifying information (password, name, age, etc) at the biometric access control device. After that, the authorized personnel with a valid card, or password, fingerprint, and face can verify themselves and open the electronic control door.

All in and out data will be recorded at the biometric access control device and the access control platform. Administrators can modify the authorized personnel access permissions at any time. In addition, the biometric access control system can also support attendance, visitor registration & management, and other functions.

What is the composition of the biometric access control system?
Generally speaking, the access control software is composed of an access controller, access control card reader, card, electronic lock, and relative software, power supply, and other related accessories.
Access controller: The access controller is the core part of the access control system, which is equivalent to the CPU of a computer. Its quality and performance will directly affect the stability of the access control system as it is responsible for the input and output information processing, storage, and control. It verifies the reliability of scanned information and judges its validity according to the access rules. If it is valid, it sends action signals to the executing parts.
Access control card reader: The access control card reader is a key device for the signal input. It is used to read the data in the card or related biometric information.
Card: The card acts as a key and also the proof of entry and exit, which can be divided into contact cards and induction contactless cards. With the feature of long service life and strong confidentiality, the contactless ID card has been widely used.
Access control software: To realize the monitoring, management, query, and other functions, the access control software is indispensable. Managers can also modify and expand the functions include patrol, attendance, positioning, etc.
Power supply and other accessories: The power supply is responsible for the entire access control system. Other accessories include a button for unlimited going out and door magnetic, used to detect the safety of the door/switch state.

Telpo Biometric Access Control System

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo rolled out biometric access control device B10 with self-developed access control software. It is designed to focus on humanized convenient operation, provides employees/visitors?new access control?experience with multi-functional identification methods.

Password entering, fingerprint verification, face recognition, QR-code scanning, NFC/HID card reading, and voice intercom such identity identification?methods are supported by the Telpo B10.?That means, people can quickly input their information through the keypad and upload their biometric data through the fingerprint sensor or face camera. All the information can be seen on the LCD screen. If someone?illegally disassembly?the biometric access control device, the tamper-proof function will be activated for alarming and information protection.

In addition, empowered by the advanced face recognition algorithm, dual-lens camera, IR light supplement, and liveness detection function, the biometric access control device can rapidly recognize a human’s identity with 99.5% accuracy within 1s. And 50,000 face images can be stored. You can choose a capacitive or optical fingerprint scanner, and 1:?N identity verification (N=1000) is supported. ?

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