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Cases of Biometrics Application Used At Hotel
Source: Telpo
Cases of Biometrics Application Used At Hotel

Data shows that hotels lose more than $500 million merely in room revenue during the pandemic, undoubtedly suffer hardest hit. As border and international airline reopen, hospitality is longing for biometric method to elevate its operation at the post-pandemic period.

What is Hotel Biometrics?

Hotel Biometrics means hotel will use personal inherent physical biometric traits (fingerprint, iris, face, palm print, etc) to make personal identity verification. The unique feature of biometrics ensure hotel able to make identity verification in line with changing consumer behavior and the pursuit of quickly and seamlessly service. In this way, hotel can fully utilize is biometrics to balance security and convenience for a contactless user experience.

What is the most popular biometric used at hotel?

Nowadays, facial recognition include face payment, face check-in, face access control are the typical cases of biometric technology that used at hotel. Face recognition is used to identify people by analyzing their faces. This is usually achieved by comparing a scanned image or a frame from a video with the faces contained within a database, matching them up based on facial features and skin textures.

Cases of Biometrics Application Used At Hotel

1) Contactless Face Payment Terminal

With face recognition and smart payment functions, the 10-inch display of face payment terminal C9 brings customers a new interactive experience. As soon as you pay with your face for the first time, you can register as a hotel member. In this way, hotel can clearly understand member information, including health records and service requirement, and further provide more personalized and intimate services to the VIP members.

With the financial certification such as EMV/PCI/ PayWave/ PayPass and the financial grade payment security standard design, safe transaction environment can be guaranteed. Taking people's different payment habits into consideration, the face payment device can also support secure encryption PIN, IC/NFC module, and QR Code professional hard decoding. Thus customer make transactions by face payment, IC/NFC payment, or QR code payment.

2) Face Recognition Check-In Kiosk

Telpo self-service check in kiosk K17 adopts dual screens, supporting QR code scanning, face recognition, NFC reader and other technologies. Residents can conduct self-service operation according to the check in process displayed on the main screen, and choose QR code authentication, ID card /passport authentication or face authentication as they prefer. After their identity and reservation information are identified successfully, Telpo self-service check-in kiosk K17 will automatically issue the room card.

With simple operation, residents can complete the process of check-in and room card collection, effectively avoid contact with personnel. The second screen will show the epidemic prevention and control of the security propaganda content or hotel information, achieving hotel check-in and epidemic publicity work go on simultaneously.

3) Touch-free face recognition machine

In virtue of contactless temperature measurement + mask detection + face recognition, modern face recognition machine F8 can realize rapidly identity identification and temperature screening. Residents need to verify identification and forehead temperature at the entrance, and the display will reflect the temperature in real time. If resident temperature is abnormal, the alarm mode will be activated.

It will assist hotel verify identity and temperature simultaneously, solving the two key problems of accurate temperature monitoring and the identification of people wearing masks. At the same time, background will mark and upload resident relevant data, doing a good job of tracking abnormal situation in the early stage.

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