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Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal
Source: Telpo
The safety of face recognition technology gradually gains attention as face recognition is widely applied at various scenes. Particular in the unattended applications, liveness detection is an indispensable component.
Nowadays, there are two main categories of liveness detection, one is active, and another is passive. In the market, common face recognition terminals will introduce monocular/binocular /3D structured light cameras to support liveness detection. However, what are the differences and scene applications between monocular, binocular, and 3D structured light cameras? Today, let's take a look at it.
Monocular camera (RGB) parsed unstructured video data to structure data through a monocular algorithm in real-time. Based on people's facial features, it can judge whether there is face exist in the input face images or video and capture face key information and analysis gender, age, and other attributes.

It can be used for accurate marketing, facial interaction, or customer sentiment analysis. The monocular RGB liveness detection supports 1: N face database search and 1:1 witness comparison.
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