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Mastercard Study Show Biometric Payment On the Rise In Africa
Source: Telpo
If you think the coronavirus pandemic only limit people’s action, it would be a huge misunderstanding. Human’s modes of thinking, consumption and payment have changed in a bid to maintain normal life and better protect themselves. When it comes to commercial transaction, biometric payment is the most notably new approaches.

Recently, Mastercard New Payment Index showed that 96 percent of Nigerians arouse keen interest in new payment methods including biometric payment, digital wallets, wearables and QR codes, even though 66% of them never think of trying those payment methods before the pandemic.

The enthusiasm was even higher in Kenya, where 99 percent say they will use an emerging payment method in the next year, and similar in South Africa, and in the Middle East and North Africa (both 95 percent). Among them, the intention of choosing biometric payment account for large percent.

Taking African consumer payment demands into consideration, Telpo recently -d its EFT-POS TPS900. On the basis of supporting magnetic stripe cards payment such financial credit card machine feature, it also supports biometric payment (face payment, fingerprint payment), contactless NFC payment (Mifare) and QR Code payment.

In order to take full advantage of the EFT-POS, we adopt industry leading Android 10 version with Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor. With the superior configuration, you can more flexibly make secondary development and enjoy a smoother operation experience with faster running speed. And you also have the choice to decide where the fingerprint should be put, sideline or external end-side, and what kind of it should be, be it capacitive fingerprint or optical fingerprint.

What makes it better, it possesses multiple financial certificates to maximum guarantee the commercial transaction security, including PCI 6.X, EMV, PCI, Paywave, Paypass, MIR, Rupay, TQM, CE, FCC, RoHS, BIS, Anatel, etc. The OTG, UHF, TPUI and physical keyboard are available to expand its practicability, making it suitable to be used at various commercial transaction scenarios.

As we look ahead, we need to embrace every challenge and keep brave to usher new development. Biometric payment may be a new start for us to shape the fabric of commerce and make the digital economy work for everyone. And EFT-POS will be the reliable assistant.
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