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Case Share | Telpo Zero Touch Temperature Checking Terminal Assist Church Resume Orderly
Source: Telpo
For some parishioners, the church is a place where they can utilize and practice their God-given spiritual gifts. With such belief, church attendance is a necessary and essential activity for parishioners. However, all Sunday services in the church were canceled in light of continuously developing situations with COVID-19 in the past few months.

Luckily, a church resumed all services at a maximum of 50 people under the guideline of all government health & safety regulations in June. As fever is the main symptom of COVID-19 and mask is proved to be an effective method to prevent the virus, temperature checking, and mask detection is a crucial step to resuming church.

It is reported that the temperature checking terminal is the key to maintain the church orderly and scientifically resume. The reason why the church chose a Telpo thermometry device is that it can synchronously achieve zero-touch temperature checking and mask detection. Parishioners only need to stand in front of the device, and their forehead temperature and mask-wearing condition will be detected and voice broadcast relative information automatically.

In line with government regulations, Telpo zero-touch temperature checking terminal has set up a normal temperature threshold value in advance. Once parishioners’ temperature is above normal body temperature, the alarm will be activated and an email alert will be sent to the secretary's mailbox. With the mask detection model, parishioners who not wearing masks will be noticed to wear masks, otherwise, they could not enter the church.

Importantly, parishioner attendances can be seen clearly at the device, which is conducive to control the maximum number and ensure a safe environment. Even though the epidemic is not over, high-tech can be a reliable source to guard people's health and safety.

Tag: church temperature checking, parishioner, zero-touch, mask detection, email alert, thermometry device

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