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Case Share | Face Recognition Machine Improve School Identity Verification Efficiency
Source: Telpo

Qualification verification is an important part of every new student's admission process. However, the different arrival times of students will easily lead to crowd congestion at the registration area and increase infection risk at the current epidemic normalization period. Thus, efficient identity verification is essential in a bid to ensure a safe and orderly school opens.

Under such circumstances, many schools introduced smart devices like face recognition machines so as to quickly complete the registration process, shorten the queuing time of students and guarantee the accuracy of qualification information.

Telpo face recognition machine TPS650T is one of the examples, which supports face recognition, temperature detection, mask detection and high-temperature warning. Most importantly, it integrated the ID recognition module certified by the Ministry of Public Security and was able to make human witness comparison and face recognition within seconds.

Student can put their ID card on the card reader of the face recognition machine and look directly to the machine camera, which will automatically be reading the ID card information and capture the student’s facial feature to make the comparison. If the captured information is the same as the student's ID card and registration information, then teachers can confirm the students’ qualification information, complete identity verification and help him go through the admission procedure.

In the past, it at least took two days to complete the registration process. But now, one day is enough. The face recognition machine helps the school to eliminate the cumbersome manual registration, avoid the imposter phenomenon caused by artificial judgment error, improve students’ identity verification efficiency and raise their good feeling of the school. In addition, all data will be stored on the cloud platform in real-time, thus the school can monitor the registration condition and do well in follow-up traceability and verification.

In the post-epidemic era, face recognition machines and other smart devices should be used in places that require identity verification or access control. It is conducive to reducing human pressure, improving identity verification efficiency, reducing crowd gathering and enhancing epidemic prevention. Technology makes our life better and comfortable.

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